Elderly Man Unable to Speak Says ‘I Love You Shirley’ and Passes Away Days Later

A dying grandfather remained unresponsive and lost his speech for a year. But a week before his death, he called out to his wife and eerily said, “I love you, Shirley.”

Redditor Animal_Dr19’s grandparents had been together since their 20s. They never fell out of love and were emotionally dependent on each other. For years, they cherished their love until tragedy struck in the grandpa’s life.

At 77, he lost his ability to move and talk. He became unresponsive to his surroundings and became dependent even for basic needs. His soul seemed to be trapped in his body, waiting for one last chance to speak to his family.

It was a challenging time for everyone, notably the Original Poster (OP) ’s grandma, who took it on her to tend to her husband. The OP explained:

“My nan became his sole carer…She would bathe him, feed him, and do anything else he needed.”

She’d promised to be by his side until his last breath. The couple shared the same bed and preferred not to change though the grandfather was sick.

For almost a year, the grandma had gotten used to taking care of her husband. One day, she went about her routine when something eerie caught her senses. The Redditor added:

“My nan was doing her usual routine of reading a newspaper to my grandad as it was his favorite thing when he was able to read. Out of nowhere, my nan was overcome with an eerie feeling.”

The grandma was confused if she imagined things. A few minutes later, she could hear her husband speak. It was unnatural as he’d not spoken for over a year.

“He turned his head, looked at her, and said, “I love you, Shirley,” the OP narrated. The grandma was shocked and overjoyed on hearing him say this and exclaimed, saying: “Ken? Ken? What did you say?”

The OP later claimed that he was glad his grandma heard from his grandpa one last time.

The OP’s grandpa didn’t speak a word more. The days became more challenging as he’d refused to eat. After a week-long struggle, he passed away in his favorite armchair. However, the family found his last moment, particularly his ability to recognize his wife, strange considering his diagnosis.

The grandfather was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and later Alzheimer’s four years before his passing. Because of this, he’d lost his ability to recognize his family during his last year. So, for him to acknowledge his wife and speak to her was considered a miracle. After reading his post, several users shared similar touching experiences.

Redditor nattiecakes’ grandma was diagnosed with dementia. She couldn’t recognize her adult children and lost contact with the real world. However, she miraculously spoke to the Redditor’s mother before her passing. The person detailed, saying:

“The night she died in the hospital, my mom was there. My grandma turned right toward my mom, who was very upset, said her name, and said very lucidly with eye contact, “I’m going to be okay.” She died shortly after.”

User sadboy1101 commented with a similar experience. His grandma had dementia and couldn’t recognize her family. However, the day before she passed away, she remembered everything. The others in the thread, including the OP himself, were stunned by these miraculous incidents.

Redditor rowwboat_ responded to the OP’s story saying his grandad’s soul would’ve probably been stronger than his inabilities. “I’m happy they were able to have that moment before he passed,” the person added.

The OP later claimed that he was glad his grandma heard from his grandpa one last time and wondered if it was their way of saying goodbye. He believed their love was powerful than mere physical inabilities.

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