Eddie Van Halen Died in Valerie Bertinelli’s Arms in 2020 While She Was Married to Another Man

Rock icon Eddie Van Halen maintained an incredible relationship with his former wife until his death, despite the fact that they had both remarried. Their bond was so strong that when he took his last breath in 2020, Valerie Bertinelli, his ex-wife, was the last person that he saw.

Eddie Van Halen was a legendary rock star and guitar player in a notable rock band who passed away at age 65. Before his death, he suffered many illnesses, including pneumonia, bone marrow disorder, myelodysplastic syndrome, lung and skin cancer.

The first woman he married was Valerie Bertinelli. Bertinelli was not new to fame when she met him, she had a few TV credits to her name, including playing the good girl, Barbara Cooper on “One Day at a Time.”

A picture of Valerie Bertinelli [left]. The rock icon Eddie Van Halen and his ex-wife, Valerie Bertinelli [right] | Photo: Getty Images

Although the duo had a perfect love story from the start, it deteriorated. Eventually, they divorced but remained in contact, with the actress present at his deathbed.


Halen and Bertinelli enjoyed each other’s company, and soon, their friendship blossomed into a fairytale romance. They were involved in a brief courtship and were committed to being together forever — they began planning their wedding less than four months after dating.

However, when things seemed perfect and Halen seemed ready to begin a unique journey with Bertinelli, a woman came forward with paternity allegations, claiming that the rock star had fathered her child.

Chef Valerie Bertinelli during a presentation at the Grand Tasting presented by ShopRite at The IKEA Kitchen on October 12, 2019 | Photo: Getty Images

In the end, the artist decided to have a DNA test and was grateful when the child was not his. The result went a long way in shielding his love life from ridicule, and the young, happy stars carried on with their romance, eventually tying the knot.


Many guests, including family, friends, and loved ones, graced the memorable event with their presence. Everything appeared perfect, including the adorably dressed couple, and a beautiful atmosphere that exuded love and genuine support.

Nothing went wrong until a few minutes after the wedding ceremony ended. Halen got himself intoxicated and ended up throwing up in the toilet after consuming some unfavorable substances. 

By his side was his beautiful bride, who was still dressed in her elegant wedding dress. She held his head backward, providing all the support needed, but according to an insider, she looked hurt and could not hide her pain.

Bertinelli had streaks of tears pouring down her face while she comforted the groom. At the end of the day, the available guests who had waited for a fun-filled reception party were sent home after hearing that the event had been called off.


After their 1981 wedding, these two metamorphosed from a fairytale romance to a zero-connection marriage. They were both consumed by the desire to further their careers and had little or no time to bond.

Additionally, Halen lived an eccentric lifestyle, engaged in partying and drug usage, which made it challenging for them to iron things out. Beyond the drug addiction and self-dependency, was unfaithfulness and the pair fell short in respect to their marital vows.


Their marriage lasted from 1981 until 2001 when they decided to end things. At the time, they already had a son named Wolfgang. The divorce commenced in the early 2000s, but it was not until 2007 that it was finally over.

Despite their marital status, these two remained friends and concentrated on their son. They continued to advance their individual careers and put in the time and other resources to look after their only child.

The singer and actress maintained a close connection and were cordial while sharing their parental duties. 

In 2009, when Halen set on a new path, to become a husband again to Jane Liszewski, he made their son his best man and invited the actress, who honored the invite.

Two years later, when Bertinelli decided to marry Tom Vitale, she reached out to her ex-husband, who attended with his wife.

Throughout their relationship as former partners, these two exhibited real love by showing up through the ups and downs. When Halen was diagnosed with cancer and getting treatment, his ex-wife would often show up to cheer him up and make sure he was comfortable.


Last year, before the Christmas holidays, Halen took his last breath. It was a tragedy that had an amazing ring to it. The rock star died while being surrounded by the ones he loved.

Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli attend the film premiere of Colombia Pictures” “America”s Sweethearts” July 17, 2001. | Photo: Getty Images

He had the chance to take his final breath surrounded by those he had created a memory of a lifetime. At the hospital were his wife, ex-wife, and their only child, Wolfgang. 

After the incident, Bertinelli shared a soul-stirring message alongside a black and white throwback snap of their years as a couple with their then-toddler son. The caption read:

“40 years ago, my life changed forever when I met you. You gave me the one true light in my life, our son, Wolfgang.

Eddie Van Halen and Wolfgang Van Halen of Van Halen perform during “A Different Kind of Truth” tour at Madison Square Garden on February 28, 2012| Photo: Getty Images.

The mother of one further praised her former husband for having a positive demeanor during his battle with cancer before adding: “I’m so grateful Wolfie, and I were able to hold you in your last moments. I will see you in our next life, my love.”

Ever since his passing, Bertinelli has been open about the hurt she still feels inside. In April, she explained that it was tough accepting that Halen’s gone and she sometimes forgets that he is dead.

While the actress misses her deceased ex-husband, she’s also grateful for having their son around. These days, mother and son spend time in each other’s company, sharing and making new memories.


Bertinelli shocked the world last month when she filed for legal separation from her husband of ten years, Tom Vitale.

The mother of one who married Vitale after six years of dating and a one-year engagement cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the lawsuit filed.

It is not sure whether the estranged couple will divorce. For now, there has been no comment from either side on the situation. 

Either way, fans would agree that Bertinelli does not like to be involved in long-term feuds with a former partner and hope that they work things out. 

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