Eagle-Eyed Waitress Saves Boy from Abusive Parents by Getting Him to Secretly Signal for Help

A restaurant manager proved her resourcefulness when she saved a little boy from the hands of his parents and torturers minutes after they walked into the restaurant for a family meal. 

In what she considered an “act of God,” a restaurant manager, Flaviane Carvahlo, played a major role in seeing that a minor escaped the clutches of his abusive parents. 

Carvahlo had been going about her daily business in the restaurant in Florida when a family of four walked in. She began feeling uneasy about the situation after all family members except their 11-year-old son ordered meals.

A picture of Flaviane Carvahlo, and a kind hearted note by the manager | Photo: facebook.com/flavianepimenta.carvalho youtube.com/Inside Edition

She also noticed that no one seemed to be bothered that the boy was not eating while every other person ate from the restaurant’s signature Brazilian meals. The young boy had his shoulders hunched as he pulled his hoodie over his face.

Carvahlo saw that the 11-year-old had bruises on his arms despite the seeming disguise. She became alarmed and paid more attention to that particular table.

Carvalho went about her duties, but she never for once forgot the little boy who looked helpless. She soon got a paper and wrote the words. “Are you okay?” She flashed the paper from afar off, away from the family’s table, but the boy nodded that he was okay.

The restaurant manager tried again, this time raising another note asking if the boy needed help. The youngster held his arms close, showing some form of distress. 

Carvahlo immediately knew what that sign meant, and she swung into action. She went to the back of the restaurant, dialed 911, and told the responding officer not to waste time because it seemed the family would leave soon. 

The Orlando Police Department arrived at the scene in little time and accosted the family. Authorities discovered more bruises on the boy, and when he was asked about them, he denied that it was inflicted.

A netizen’s comment on the heartwarming Youtube video | Photo: Youtube/insideedition

On second thought, the young boy shared that his stepfather had bruised him on several occasions as punishment when he did something wrong.

He stated that his stepdad, who was at the table with them, inflicted injuries by suspending him upside down on the door handle and whipping him with a wooden broom or back scratcher. 

At the time this was revealed, there was not much evidence against Timothy Wilson II, who is the stepfather, and Kristen Swann, who is the boy’s mom. However, after much evidence, Wilson was charged on multiple counts of aggravated child abuse, and his mom on two counts of child neglect.

A netizen’s comment on the heartwarming Youtube video | Photo: Youtube/insideedition

Carvahlo, who saved the day, was duly honored by authorities through a proclamation called Flaviane Carvalho Child Advocacy Day. The manager, who is a mom-of-two, shared updates that the boy was doing fine and she would love to see him after full recovery. 

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