Duane Chapman Begged to See His Son Who Was Adopted & ‘Abandoned’ Him after Reunion, Mom Claimed to The Sun

Duane Chapman pleaded to see his son, whom he was once cruel to. The boy’s mom claims Duane abandoned his son, but the reunion was sensational. However, here is a look at how Duane eventually reunited with his son.

Bounty hunter Duane Chapman best known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, and his family have been in the spotlight for many years. While many of his kids are famous faces, the reality TV star once had a son no one knew about.

However, it was later reported that the 68-year-old TV personality cruelly abandoned the boy and failed to show up as his father for many years. Duane eventually realized his mistake, begged to have his son back, and here is how they reunited.

Duane Chapman at an event [left] Duane Chapman’s son, Christopher Hecht in white singlet [right] | Photo: Getty Images


Duane’s son Christopher Hecht was reportedly left without a father figure for so many years that it resulted in Christopher being a troubled teenager. His life was so tumultuous that he struggled with a series of personal issues, one of which was drug abuse.

Christopher grew up in the home of a lady named Gloria Hecht. Gloria adopted Christopher when he was only 5-year-old after his biological mother, Debbie White, committed suicide.

Duane and Beth Chapman at the 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards on April 7, 2013 | Photo: Getty Images

The Hecht family had no idea Duane was the biological father until the reality TV star reached out. Christopher was already 19 at the time. 

However, it appeared the family wasn’t pleased with Duane for not caring for his son despite knowing he was the father. Once addressing the issue, Gloria accused the bounty hunter of cruelly “abandoning” Chris and treating him awfully for many years. 

Gloria said the boy was starved for male presence, and he struggled all through his childhood and teenage years. She claimed some of Christopher’s problems resulted from the abuse he received from others while he was with his mother.

However, Duane eventually reached out, and when he did, Gloria refused to give him any attention, but he pleaded. He also reached out to his son when he was 19, and Christopher was “ecstatic.”


Christopher, who had craved the presence of a male figure all his life, finally got what he wanted. The father-son started building a relationship, but things went south when Duane’s late wife Beth got in-between the two. Gloria said:

“Beth didn’t get along with Chris because he was a few years younger than her. She did not treat Chris well and they didn’t like each other at all. He was totally singled out when Beth was alive.”

She added that Duane, 68, stopped being nice to Christopher after Beth showed up. He would throw insults at every opportunity, laugh at Christopher, and “tore Chris down” at every chance.

But Christopher, 49, who eventually found himself behind bars for a menacing arrest in 2020, continued to yearn for his father’s love. Gloria also said that Christopher has two kids whom Duane fails to acknowledge.

Duane and Christopher’s estranged relationship became sour when he discovered his father had been dating his ex-girlfriend Moon Angell. Gloria was also the one who made it known that her son dated Dog’s ex-girlfriend Moon before his dad.

In an Interview, Chris’s mom claimed Moon and her son dated on and off for about a year. The former couple met on the street in front of the Dog the Bounty Hunter’s shop as she was a fan.  

Christopher and Moon had several issues throughout their relationship, but despite their differences, the couple moved into the basement of Dog and Beth’s home. Beth and Moon immediately bonded and even became best friends.

Although Christopher didn’t approve of the relationship, there was nothing he could do. The couple eventually broke up, and years later, Duane started dating Moon when his wife died. Beth died of throat cancer in June 2019.


When Dog and Moon started dating, his daughters Lyssa and Cecily Chapman didn’t approve of the romance and called Moon out on social media for having an affair with their dad and moving into the home he once shared with Beth.

But, it turned out Dog’s daughters may have gotten what they wanted as the lovebirds’ relationship abruptly ended in 2020 after Moon turned down Dog’s marriage proposal on “The Dr. Oz Show.”

However, Gloria said Chris was filled with rage when he found out his father and Moon were having an affair. She said he was so angry he wanted to kill Dog, but he did nothing.


From the tragic death of his wife to the death of his kids, the reality star has had a lot of heartbreak and losses. Growing up, Dog lived a rough life and was a member of a motorcycle gang.

He was arrested several times for armed robbery and other criminal activities. In 1976 Duane was arrested after a friend shot and killed a man during a drug deal. Although he claimed he was merely an accomplice, he got convicted of first-degree murder.

Dog’s tumultuous lifestyle knew no bounds, and it even extended to his love affair. Before the 68-year-old bounty hunter completed his time at the Texas State Penitentiary, his first wife La Fonda Sierra Honeycutt divorced him and went off with his best friend.

However, shortly after his release, Dog the Bounty Hunter married Anne M. Tengell and they had three kids. Before they divorced, one of their children, Zebediah, born on January 1, 1980, sadly died 30 after.

After Tengell, Dog married two other women before finally meeting Beth, whom he remained with till she died in 2019. The reality star was married five times and had 12 kids.

The 68-year-old TV personality’s oldest child is Christopher Michael Hecht. Dog had his second son with his first wife, Darnell. The two also gave birth to Leland, Duane’s third son.

He had his first daughter Zebadiah with his second ex-wife Tegnell in January 1980. Sadly, she died a month after her birth. He and Tegnell had two more children, sons Wesley and James Robert.

Duane’s third wife was Lyssa Rae Brittain; during their marriage, they had three kids Barbara Katie Chapman, Tucker Dee, and Lyssa Rae. Unfortunately, Barbara died in a car crash in 2006.

With his late wife Beth, he welcomed his youngest daughter Bonnie Joanne born before Beth and Dog got married in 2006. The couple also had a son Garry and a daughter, Cecily.

Beth had Cecily with her ex-husband. While many of Dog’s children are well in the spotlight, some have been notably private. However, despite having a not-so-perfect relationship with his kids, Duane once said his kids are his life.

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