Disabled Bride Unveils Secret by Walking Down the Aisle on Her Own, Groom Can’t Stop Crying

After being bound to her wheelchair for eight years, one woman decided that she wanted to walk down the aisle on her wedding day. She spent many hours in the gym and gave her groom an emotional surprise. 

After an accident in her friend’s pool, Jaquie Goncher was left paralyzed from the neck down at the age of 17. She spent close to a decade in a wheelchair, but she became determined to walk and dance at her wedding after she got engaged.

The bride looked stunning in a light pink gown with a floral crown, but it wasn’t her appearance that moved her groom and guests to tears. The bride approached the aisle in her wheelchair and then did something unexpected. 


Goncher showed minor signs of improvement over the eight years of using her wheelchair. However, she was unable to walk for extended periods. On her special day, she dreamed of walking toward her groom, Andy.

In 2016, after time in the gym and lots of physiotherapy, the bride stood to her feet and left her guests speechless as she walked down the aisle. The brave actions caused many to cry.

Andy was overcome with emotion and the special moment was unforgettable. The bride was even strong enough to dance with him. She danced so much she left a hole in her dress!   

Goncher learned a lot about herself because of her disability, and she became more resilient than ever. The bride shared: “I would go to the gym and get so frustrated that I wouldn’t go back. I was trying to make myself do it, but I kept failing.”

Eventually, Goncher realized it was up to her to put in the work if she wanted to get better. Her motivation to not be defined by her wheelchair on her big day propelled her to succeed.

The bride also stated that her battle to improve her condition got easier over time. She encouraged others not to lose faith, even if it took a while. 

Goncher also highlighted the significant role her support system played. The inspirational bride thanked her husband for being her “cane” and always being there for her.

She also credited her family for their love and kindness as she struggled through a challenging season. Goncher also had big plans post-wedding—being paralyzed was not going to hold her back from anything.  

Goncher, who loves to dye her hair all the colors of the rainbow, shared: “When you’re a young girl with crazy hair, and you’re walking with a cane, people are curious.” She had to learn not to care if people stared at her.  

Since then, she has become a mother and is still dedicated to improving herself. Her story has inspired many people, and while she still uses her wheelchair, she certainly isn’t defined by it. 

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