Destitute Woman Abandoned by 4 Husbands Meets Pastor Who Helps Her Find True Love — Story of the Day

After four failed marriages, a woman believed God was not with her and lost all hope of finding true love. However, thanks to her pastor, her story took another twist. 

Judy Thompson was a heartbroken woman nursing the pain of four failed marriages. She had been married four times, but all her marriages had a similar theme. The men she gave her love to cheated on her with other women.

Judy married for the first time in 1995. Then, she was 20 years old and had just signed a modeling contract with an upcoming agency. 

Judy met Michael, a pastor in the church she worships at, and he helped her find true love | Source: Shutterstock

Matthew McCormack was the agency’s creative director. Judy’s eyes lit when she met Matthew. She smiled after they exchanged greetings and could not hide her joy two weeks after when he asked her out on a date. 

“I will always love you, Judy,” Matthew said. “Loving you is what I do best.” 

“Oh, Matthew, your love fills me with so much happiness,” Judy replied. 

After tying the knot, it did not take long for Judy to see Matthew’s other side. His love turned to hate, and his care for her turned to abuse. 

Judy had no choice but to walk away from Matthew after discovering he had a mistress who was pregnant by him. Their divorce was swift and was finalized within six months. 

Ten years after divorcing Matthew, Judy met photographer Mike Edwards. Their romance took time but was beautiful nonetheless. 

They were madly in love with each other, but Judy wanted to take things slow because of her experience with Matthew. After dating for about two years, they got engaged and married in the same year. 

Unfortunately, problems started creeping into their relationship after Judy had a miscarriage a year after they married. The pain caused by the incident caused them to drift away from each other. 

Judy could not forgive her husband and walked away from the marriage. | Source: Pexels

Their relationship completely broke down soon after, and they agreed it was best for them to divorce, which they eventually did in 2012. 

That same year, Judy fell in love with her divorce attorney, Samuel Morten. They seemed to understand each other’s wants and needs and had a beautiful romance. The couple wasted no time in tying the knot. 

Unknown to Judy, Samuel stole from her and used most of her assets and savings to finance his investment company. She found out about this when the company crumbled. 

Thus, she was left with almost nothing. Judy could not forgive her husband and walked away from the marriage. The pain had become too much to bear. 

Despite the heartbreak, she never doubted God and believed in His will. Hence, she never stopped going to church and keeping to her faith. 

One night after church, Judy was walking home when she bumped into Jim Crawford, an artist who owned the art gallery in the neighborhood. 

She had been to the gallery a few times and was impressed by his work. They had met before, but there was something different about how he looked at her that night. 

Jim and Judy had met before, but there was something different about how he looked at her that night | Source: Pexels

“Would you mind having drinks with me tonight?” Jim asked. 

“I wouldn’t mind. I really don’t have much to do at home,” Judy replied. 

Their trip to the bar down the road marked the beginning of another romance for Judy, one she did not plan or think through. However, she went with the wave. 

In 2016, Jim and Judy tied the knot in an intimate ceremony. Their marriage turned out to be her longest. However, things began to unravel after their fourth anniversary. 

Suddenly, Jim turned hostile towards her. Also, he had become addicted to alcohol and was keeping late nights, womanizing, and doing other things that annoyed her. 

Judy always complained about his changed attitude and behavior, but he never changed. She remained hopeful and prayed to God to change her husband. However, her prayers seemed to fall on deaf ears. 

One night in June 2020, Jim came home drunk and angry and turned against his wife, who was in the kitchen. He used harsh words against her and said he was done with the marriage. 

Judy saw a notice of divorce on the table and began crying | Source: Pexels

Judy was sitting in the kitchen when Jim, after insulting her, said words that broke her heart instantly. “Good luck finding the fifth husband, crazy!” he said. 

The following day, Judy discovered Jim had cheated on her and eloped with another woman. She saw a notice of divorce on the table and began crying. 

Once more, she was in the midst of another failed marriage. All her husbands had left her empty and heartbroken. Now, she was 45, without true love and children. 

The next day was Sunday. Judy did not allow her heartbreak to stop her from attending church like she usually did. However, the local church’s minister, Pastor Michael, saw that she was not okay. 

After church, he walked up to her and asked her what the matter was. Judy narrated her problems to the pastor and included her history of failed marriages. 

“God helps everyone, but each person receives that help at the moment he really needs it,” Pastor Michael said. 

However, Judy had gotten to a point in her life when she did not trust God anymore. She wondered how he could make her go through all that pain if he really loved her. 

Judy had gotten to a point in her life when she did not trust God anymore | Source: Pexels

Pastor Michael tried to convince her that God was with her and had not turned his back on her. However, she did not believe it. Eventually, he proposed a test. The pastor lit a candle and put it on the table.

“If you come in a week and the candle is still burning, then God is watching you and will help you,” Pastor Michael said to Judy.

“It is unreal…,” Judy answered and left the church. 

The next Sunday, Judy came to church determined to prove to Pastor Michael that God had turned His back on her. However, he smiled at her and led her to the candle. To her surprise, it was still burning. She was shocked. 

“God sees you and your problems. He will help you!” Pastor Michael told Judy. 

Judy hugged him tightly and thanked him for helping her. There and then, Pastor Michael looked straight into Judy’s eyes and asked her if she would like to have dinner at a nearby cafe sometime. She agreed. 

While Michael was taking his phone from his pocket to type in her number, a lighter dropped. When Judy saw this, her emotions changed. 

Pastor Michael tried to convince her that God was with her and had not turned his back on her | Source: Pexels

“You lit the candle before I came? Am I right? Did it blow away?” Judy asked. 

“Yes, Judy… You are right. I am sorry…” Michael replied. 

“I appreciate your help, but you were not right. God turned his back on me,” Judy concluded. She was crying and about to leave the church when she heard another pastor’s voice. 

“Pastor Michael, do you know what that candle is over there? It’s been burning for one week and hasn’t stopped,” the pastor asked as he approached them, pointing at the direction of a burning candle in another altar. “That was the candle here but I moved it there and replaced it with this one,” he added, pointing at the candle near them. “But look at that other candle, it’s been really burning for more than a week!” 

Judy turned around after hearing the other pastor’s words. Her eyes met Michael’s, and they started laughing.  “I will be at Wendy’s Cafe at 8,” Judy said. 

“And I will be there at 7:50,” Pastor Michael replied. 

A few months after their dinner date, Judy and Michael got married and have remained so to this day. Pastor Michael turned out to be her last and genuinely loving husband, who taught her the meaning of true love. A happy ending to a sad story!

A few months after their dinner date, Judy and Michael got married and have remained so to this day | Source: Pexels

What did we gain from this story? 

  • No condition is permanent. After four marriages, Judy thought she was cursed with bad husbands. However, she found her one true love through divine circumstances in the end.
  • Never lose hope. Due to her experiences, Judy believed God had turned his back on her. However, Pastor Michael proved that it was not the case with the candle test. Hence, one must never lose hope that their situation will eventually turn around for good.

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