Delivery Man Ruins a Woman’s Christmas by Leaving with Her Order

A man opened up on Reddit after a woman told her he had ruined her Christmas by not delivering her order. He revealed what happened that night when he worked as a delivery man. 

The man wrote a Reddit post on Christmas Day because what happened the previous night made him feel guilty. He confessed he was working as a DoorDash driver because he needed to save money.

Since it was Christmas Eve, many people ordered food and other supplies. One of them was a lady who accused the man of something he didn’t do.

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The Redditor with the username WhaleWatchersMod confessed he didn’t enjoy working on Christmas Eve. However, he had to because he was saving money for surgery. He explained:

“I need to save as much money as I can because I need to have surgery sometime early next year and I’ll be out of work for at least a month.”

A lady sent him a long list of items to bring from a liquor store. He made his way through the traffic and reached the store. It was packed with people, so he had to wait in line before buying what the lady ordered. 

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He finally bought the alcohol and drove straight to the woman’s house. He believed this would be his final delivery because he had to get home in time for the Christmas celebrations. 

He marked the woman unavailable on the app before returning the alcohol. 

He knocked on the door, but no one answered. Then he waited a few more minutes before ringing the doorbell. He knew there were people inside because he could hear Christmas music. 

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As per the company policies, the man started a timer in the app after getting no response for five minutes. He texted the woman and called her, but she didn’t respond. Despite the woman not answering, he tried his best to contact her. He explained:

“The timer runs out but I give them a few more minutes knocking louder.”

The man started to feel upset, thinking he would have to miss the Christmas party at home because of the lady. He also couldn’t leave the alcohol on the doorstep like other food deliveries because he needed to check the customer’s ID.

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After waiting for a few more minutes, the man decided to return the items to the liquor shop. He marked the woman unavailable on the app before returning the alcohol. 

However, while waiting for his turn at the store, the man received a call from the woman. She said she had just read his message and was waiting at the door. 

OP (Orignal Poster) informed her that he wouldn’t be returning to her house since he was already at the store. He politely told her that the app wouldn’t let him deliver the order because he had already marked her unavailable. 

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The woman got upset and insisted the man deliver the order because she had a party at her house. She didn’t want to feel embarrassed in front of them. But the man politely refused and repeated the company’s policy, after which the woman lost her cool. OP recounted:

“She proceeds to get nasty and insult me saying I’m ruining her party and she hopes I have a rotten Christmas.”

Annoyed, OP immediately hung up and blocked her number then returned the alcohol and went home. He posted his story on Reddit because he was second-guessing his actions, thinking he could have made his presence known better while standing outside the woman’s house. 

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However, ennomine assured OP he wasn’t at fault. She believed the woman was at fault for expecting him to wait for half an hour outside her doorstep on Christmas Eve. 

Another user named Aly_Kitty shared that the app alerts the customer multiple times about the delivery man’s whereabouts. The user believed the woman was at fault for not seeing the notifications on time. Another user named Plantcalendar wrote:

“NTA seems like you did more than enough to try to get it to her, she knew she had a delivery coming and should’ve been ready for it.”

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Meanwhile, Fragrant-Arm8601 shared she was in a similar situation when she ordered pizza on New Year’s Eve. Since she was in the backyard with her friends, she was afraid she might not be able to hear the doorbell. To make things easy, she stuck a note on the door asking the delivery person to enter through the side gate. She explained:

“We drew arrows to follow and left the gate unlocked.”

She believed no one should waste other people’s time, especially when they are working on a holiday. Most users supported OP and assured him the lady was at fault. 

Another user shared her experience of ordering pizza on New Year’s Eve | Source: Unsplash

Would you wait for a few more minutes for the lady if you were OP?

OP waited for the woman a few more minutes after the app’s timer ran out. While it would seem like he already did more than his fair share of waiting, do you think he could have spared more time or done more to get the woman’s attention to the door? 

Do you think the woman was at fault?

Most Redditors believed the woman was at fault because she didn’t track OP through the app. They thought she should have kept the phone with her or stayed near the door to receive her order. However, some people might think OP could have waited a little longer for the woman since he knew she was busy with the party that was happening indoors. 

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