Delivery Driver Cries after Being Screwed over by Manager, Finally Gets New High-Paying Job

A store worker opened up on Reddit about his friend who worked as a delivery driver. When the manager made things difficult for the delivery man, the Redditor came up with a revenge plan so his friend could feel at ease. 

The Redditor confessed that the delivery man was an honest person who tried to give his best to the warehouse. He tried to fulfill all the responsibilities assigned by the manager. 

However, the manager tried to take advantage of him and often short-changed him, threatening his livelihood. So the Redditor came up with a plan to save his coworker.

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The Redditor revealed that the company he worked for had a problem with delivery men. The management often refused to pay the drivers according to the industry rates. 

The delivery driver, John, often agreed to work at a lower wage, and OP (Original Poster) believed the management took undue advantage of his kindness. He explained:

“John was happy to make a few concessions for cash in hand deliveries… and naturally, Management took advantage of that.”

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After noticing how the management was taking advantage of John, OP wanted to work a few shifts with him. John happily agreed, and OP started working with him as his delivery offsider. 

John opened up to him about everything that had been bothering him.

OP confessed he had the best time working with John. He became friends with him and exchanged personal life stories with him.

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One day, John checked the warehouse documentation and realized what was happening behind his back. He explained they used to carry heavy furniture, including sofas up seven flights of stairs. John usually charged $110 per delivery and an extra $100 for every staircase after the first level. 

However, when he saw the sheet at the warehouse, he realized the manager was charging a mere $95 for each delivery regardless of how many floors the delivery drivers had to climb carrying heavy pieces of furniture. 

When John confronted the manager, she told him she had reduced the prices because of the clearance sale. OP described it as “soul-crushing” to get only $30 in cash after carrying the furniture up seven floors, unpacking it, and assembling it for the customers. 

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OP recalled the last time they delivered furniture and sat back in their truck. He saw John was crying while driving, so he asked him if everything was OK. John opened up to him about everything that had been bothering him. OP recalled John telling him:

“That he was struggling with bills That the company I worked for was his only decent paying job That he was getting screwed over by the manager… That he might have to sell his trucks to pay his bills.”

After listening to his problems, OP felt terrible for John. At that point, a revenge plan began to stir in his mind. He asked John to meet him at a bar later that day. 

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The first question OP asked John was why he didn’t give the manager a price list for his deliveries. John explained that she told him she would fire him and hire someone who offered cheaper rates. 

OP laughed and asked John to call the manager and quit the job. He explained that no other driver would charge anything less than $200 per delivery, and they had ten deliveries lined up for tomorrow, so it was best if he quit the job. 

After thinking for a while, John agreed and called the manager. He put her on speaker and told her he was quitting the job. The manager told him they didn’t need his services.

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John panicked after he hung up, but OP assured him the manager would call him back a few hours before the store closed. He suggested they laid down conditions to tell the manager when she called him again.

They came up with a few terms, including the company agreeing on John’s price for each delivery and paying him extra money for complicated deliveries. As OP had predicted, John’s phone rang 30 minutes before the store’s closing time. 

The manager offered John a $50 gift card if he agreed to do the next day’s deliveries. OP hung up the phone and told John to tell her his demands when she calls him again. After five minutes, his phone rang again, and he informed the manager about his terms and conditions. 

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After listening to his conditions, the manager laughed, but OP pushed him not to give up. John straightaway told her that he wouldn’t do the deliveries if she didn’t agree to pay more. However, he offered:

“I’m coming down there now… you’ll sign off on everything… then we will load the truck up tonight and finish the delivery tomorrow.”

After the manager signed John’s handwritten contract, he loaded the heavy furniture into the truck with OP. The manager then told John he had to deliver the furniture “no matter what.” She wanted John not to return to the warehouse with any furniture.

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John agreed, and they started their deliveries the next day. However, things didn’t work out as planned. It turned out that the manager didn’t ask the customers to measure their doorframes, so most of the furniture couldn’t fit through the doors. He explained:

“We had customers screaming at us… abusing us… saying it was unfair they had to now pay more than $20.”

Despite the chaos, OP and John complied with the manager’s instructions, leaving the furniture in hallways, on the stairs, and even on the front door.

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After that final delivery, both John and OP left their jobs, leaving the manager with many unsatisfied customers. OP started acting for a series and helped John get a high-paying job in the same production studio. SouthernJeb asked OP what happened next, to which another user replied:

“Guess the mgr had to cover the costs from business account with resulted in a loss of profitability which of course impacted her bonus.”

Another user wished the manager “stepped on a lego,” to which honey-bees-knees replied that would be too much. She wanted the manager to lose her job instead. 

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SketchersAndJorts felt terrible for John and praised OP for helping him out. Another user wondered how the manager could be so mean. Other users guessed she must be doing this to earn extra commission. 

Most users believed OP did the right thing. They praised him for coming up with an excellent revenge plan and helping his friend.

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Do you think OP could have devised a better revenge plan?

Do you think OP’s revenge plan was good enough or could he have come up with something better to help his friend? Some people might think he did his best to put the manager in a difficult situation.

If you were John, would you make concessions on delivery prices?

OP mentioned that John happily agreed to work at a lower rate, which made the manager take advantage of him. Do you think John was at fault for agreeing to lower rates, to begin with? Or did he do the right thing by showing kindness and because he desperately needed the income? 

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