Daycare Workers Ignore Mom’s Bullying Complaints about 3-Year-Old Daughter, a Man Shows up to Help

When a man found out about a 3-year-old’s struggle with bullies, he decided to help. He held her hand and walked her to school wearing an outfit that was bound to catch the attention of her bullies. 

Lydia was having a tough time at her school in Spring Hill, Florida, so her mother, Erica Calculli, decided to take action. Per Calculli, she reported the incidents to the school, but it didn’t help, so she took the matter to Facebook.

The post about her daughter’s terrible experience shocked netizens, and one online user reached out to the family in 2019. EMT worker Jack Asbury couldn’t bear to hear about Lydia’s violent encounters, and he wanted to help her face them. 

A man dressed as Batman escorts a little girl to school [left] Batman sits with a girl in her classroom [right] | Photo:

Per Calculli, her daughter was being physically and emotionally bullied. She knew her little girl was usually social and enjoyed school, but that changed. Lydia indicated that she didn’t want to return to her daycare schooling. 

“Lydia has been coming home with bruises on her face. At first it was very minor and I thought it happened just playing around. Two weeks ago, she had a black eye but didn’t say why.”

Calculli was heartbroken and shared the story to inform other parents about the bullying. Thankfully, the right person saw her message, and he did something special. Asbury asked Calculli if he could escort her daughter to school.

Lydia was shy, but she warmed up to Asbury. He handed her a special Supergirl costume and called her his sidekick. The EMT worker was also dressed up because he served the community as a Batman impersonator.


Now it was time to protect Lydia. Fully kitted in his superhero suit, he walked the little girl into school and assured her she would have a great day.

Asbury then spoke with her classmates and informed them he would be back “to check on her.” He certainly got all of Lydia’s bullies’ attention, and the experience meant the world to the little girl and her mother.


Calculli revealed that her daughter made lots of new friends thanks to “Batman,” and she overcame her fear of bullies. Asbury helps people during his free time and shares it on his Facebook page, The Batman Of Spring Hill.

He said: “An ordinary man becoming superhuman even without powers.” Asbury’s superhuman ability was spreading kindness and care throughout his community.


Another child faced school bullies when he dressed up as Tony Stark for Halloween last year. Evan’s outfit didn’t get everyone’s approval, so he left school in tears. His mom managed to cheer him up, and then he made an unexpected decision.

Evan wanted to go back to school, and when he did, his classmates were more optimistic; he was happy he returned. Both Evan and Lydia experienced sadness because of bullies. Fortunately, they were able to face them again.

Evan gathered his own courage while Lydia had some help from a superhero friend. Both children made their parents proud for going back and facing their fears. 

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