Daughter Ignored Mother for Most of Her Life but Suddenly Decided to Contact Her

A confused mother took it to Reddit after refusing to share her inheritance money with her daughter, who wanted it to pay her college fee. Her ex-boyfriend made her feel guilty about it, while her husband supported her decision.

A woman with the Reddit username daughterissues3872 revealed that her parents kicked her out of the house when she was 18 after she announced her pregnancy.

At that time, she went to college and worked part-time, but her parents’ decision made her take the difficult route. She left college, quit her job, and looked after her daughter while living at her boyfriend’s house. 

Her boyfriend convinced her to leave everything and stay at home by promising to pay for her expenses. She happily accepted his offer and took care of their child, Emma. 

OP’s (Original Poster’s) boyfriend showed his true colors after graduating from law school. To her horror, he asked her to move out because he wanted to live with a “wife.” 

Luckily, OP’s parents had forgiven her, so she decided to move in with them. She also made sure to spend more time with her daughter by agreeing on a 25/75 custody.

After a few years, OP’s ex-boyfriend married another woman who was a doctor. Since the woman couldn’t have more kids, she wanted Emma and her daughter to be sisters. 

Unfortunately, Emma refused to meet her mother.

Because of his wife’s wish, OP’s ex made sure Emma spent more time with his family to the extent that she started disliking her mother. OP believed her ex talked badly about her in front of Emma to turn her against her.

OP was struggling to provide for her daughter since she was still in college, working part-time. On the other hand, her ex was rich enough to buy Emma everything she had wished for. Things took an ugly turn when Emma turned 10. OP explained:

“The lawyer and his doctor wife with their million dollar home beat me in court, they painted me out to be this horrible parent and Emma backed them up.”

After OP’s ex won the case, he got full custody while OP got visitation. Unfortunately, Emma refused to meet her mother. OP even gave her money and gifts, but she didn’t want to see her face. 

While OP was struggling to mend her broken relationship with Emma, she married another man who had a son and a daughter. His kids accepted OP as their mother and provided her with the love she had craved for. 

OP’s stepdaughter was Emma’s age, and both of them had recently graduated high school when OP’s parents passed away and left a hefty inheritance for her. OP decided to use the inheritance money to pay for her stepdaughter’s college fee and buy her a car and an apartment. 

A few days after OP’s parents passed away, Emma unexpectedly contacted her and asked her to meet. OP was happy her daughter was finally trying to connect with her, but she was wrong. When they met, Emma demanded her share in the inheritance money that OP had received from her parents. 

Surprised at her daughter’s demand, OP asked why didn’t she ask her father for the money. She replied that her parents wanted her to pay her college fee to teach her responsibility. She also added that OP owed her the money because she had destroyed her life, to which OP replied:

“After years of ignoring me, and telling me I am not your mother you demand money from me, I am not your wallet!”

OP’s husband supported her decision while her ex berated her. Her stepdaughter asked her to give her money to Emma because she had been bullying her. Confused by everyone’s reactions, OP turned to Reddit and asked other people for advice.

Most users agreed that Emma approached her mother because she wanted the money and not because she wanted to mend their relationship.

Some users also assumed her father may have asked the girl to approach OP for money since he knew she recently received a fortune. The users felt OP’s ex intentionally refused to pay for his daughter’s college fee to force her to get money from her mother and that he wasn’t teaching her a lesson in “responsibility.” 

If he was, in fact, trying to teach his daughter a lesson, users felt this was the wrong way to do it and questioned his parenting methods. Many thought he was selfishly trying to save his own money by refusing to pay for her college fees. 

The vast majority supported OP’s refusal to help pay Emma’s fees. Some users even shared personal stories of their children turning against them because their exes brainwashed them and warned OP to be careful.

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