Dad with Parkinson’s Disease Walks Daughter Down the Aisle and Dances for First Time in Years

After battling Parkinson’s disease for years, a man surprised his kids with an energetic dance performance, bringing back beautiful memories. The remarkable transformation was thanks to life-changing surgery.

For years, 54-year-old Mike Roll could only dream of walking and dancing. Finally, however, it all became history following a DBS surgery, giving him the chance to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.

The father of three, from West Virginia, spent the last two decades of his life watching his health slip away. In the first ten years of experiencing the symptom, the man and his family had no idea what he was dealing with.


As his health and balance declined, the family was forced to seek medical help. Then in 2014, doctors finally diagnosed him with Parkinson’s disease.

The discovery left Mike anxious, as he worried about how the gradually-disabling condition would affect the rest of his life, and ultimately, his ability to be there for his family at crucial moments of their lives.

The following years were no easier for the Jefferson County resident, who slowly lost his balance, making him unable to utilize his limbs conveniently.

Walking became a chore, dancing and physically exerting activities became impossible, as he always ended up shaking uncomfortably and crumbling to the ground. Slowly and steadily, Mike felt his life slipping away.

Through his harrowing ordeal, his wife of 35 years, Paula Roll, stood by his side, doing her best to support him. Eventually, the family found light at the end of their dark tunnel.

Earlier this year, the West Virginia man discovered a possibility of regaining his ability to move properly once again. His neurologist introduced him to the Deep Brain Simulation procedure, which could not cure his condition but could relieve his symptoms.

The man signed up for the procedure and was booked for the surgery immediately. He underwent two operations to implant the DBS shortly after, scheduling the activation date as August 23.

On the long-anticipated day, Paula witnessed a miracle play out before her eyes. She watched her husband enter the appointment room, shaking vigorously while struggling to control his body. 

However, the man who exited the room walked with ease as he approached her in a hurried step. The remarkable transformation, which she captured on video, felt surreal.

The couple hurried home to their anxiously waiting kids. Like their mom, the trio was stunned to see their dad move with ease.

The 54-year-old proceeded to do some stunts and dish out dance moves for his daughters to confirm his agility under the watchful lens of the camera. One of the kids exclaimed excitedly:

“O my God! Dad! I haven’t seen you move like that in years.”

The mom of three shared both videos showing the family’s joyful moments on TikTok, garnering millions of views and reactions. A TikToker commented:

“It’s miraculous, the difference it makes.”

Most users were in awe of the advanced technology, which could change life within minutes. Many wished DBS was available decades ago when they lost their loved ones to the ailment. Others hoped it would become available to more people globally. One person wrote:

“This is amazing, and I was so pleased to see such a happy smile on your husband’s face. I hope it becomes available to many more sufferers.

Months after the DBS surgery, Mike finally got the chance to put his newfound balance and agility to good use. In April, he walked his youngest daughter, Hunter, down the aisle on the most special day of her life. He also accompanied the bride on the dance floor, grooving to the music without missing a step.

To the guests at the grand occasion, it was a celebration of love radiating through the father-daughter duo. But to the Rolls family, who were glad to leave behind their dark days, it was a walk that would always remain etched in their hearts.

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