Dad Who Knew He Wouldn’t See Daughter Grow Up Filmed a Heartbreaking Video for Her Future

One father, in agonizing tears, mustered up the strength to say his final goodbyes to his baby girl, who would never grow to see him in the flesh. A devoted Christian, Nick Magnotti let his daughter know that God would be looking after her from here on out. 

At only 24 years old, Nick Magnotti was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called Mucinous Adenocarcinoma. Using his strong faith, he battled the cancer head-on, from chemotherapy to surgery, and much more. 

Despite his determination, at 27 years old, the malignancy won. Before his death in 2013, the beloved father chose to make a video about his experience. 

Magnotti ensured that a large portion of this clip was dedicated to his then-7-month-old baby girl Austin. Part of the video focused on his wife and mom to their daughter, Alyssa Galios, holding their baby, sound asleep on her chest. 

When it came to facing his impending death, Magnotti expressed that he had no fear whatsoever.

The dad sent a message to the 7-month-old, expressing how much he would miss her and implying that he would see her in heaven one day. Switching to a scene of him holding Austin on his lap, he shared that she brings so much joy to their lives and that he loves her deeply. 


“I would love to be part of raising her, every single year of her life but every day the Lord gives me with her is just the biggest blessing.” 

The father admitted that even with all his faith, he was still anxious about what the future may hold for Austin. However, he realized that this worry was just rooted in his human nature, not to be taken seriously. 

However, when it came to facing his impending death, Magnotti expressed that he had no fear whatsoever. The father had made peace with this unavoidable fact of life, stating

“I’m not scared of death…You can say being a Christian that you shouldn’t be scared of death…and I think it’s strange that I’m not scared.”

A mere 3 months after making this video, this family man of faith passed away. Following this tragedy, his wife wrote a book, “Made For Brave,” outlining her dead spouse’s battle with cancer, her grief, and of course, as her husband would have done, she included how God played a role in her journey. 

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