Dad Meets Newborn Daughter for the First Time 3 Hours before His Death from Cancer

A pregnant wife didn’t think her sick husband would get a chance to meet his daughter. However, the newborn baby spent three hours with her father before passing away. 

In 2019 a father who was battling cancer had one wish. He dreamed about meeting his new baby girl. Brett Kinloch, then 31, died shortly after his brave wife, Nicola, welcomed their daughter into the world. 

Brett had been fighting the illness for four years, and when his third daughter was due to make an appearance, he hung on just long enough to meet her. Minutes after Ariya was born at a Bedfordshire, England hospital; mom and baby headed to Brett.

A woman is comforted by her mother shortly after giving birth [left] A father and his daughters before he passed away [right] | Photo:


The 20-mile drive felt like an eternity, but they made it to Milton Keynes Hospital in time. The mother expressed

“I take a lot of comfort in the fact he did meet her. I laid her on top of him, and she had a cuddle.”

Nicola shared that she will always be grateful for the special moment they shared. Her family, which consists of Freya, four, Ella, 18 months, and the latest addition, have been comforted by the support of many loved ones during the tough time. 

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Nicola was also thankful for the doctors who walked the journey with her and Brett. She said: “There were nurses from all areas of the hospital that just wanted to do everything they could.”

The lovebirds met at Milton Keynes Academy in 2010 and had many joyful years together. They were shocked by Brett’s diagnosis and raised money to get him the best care possible. 

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Shortly after the couple found out they were expecting their third child, they received other news. Brett’s brain tumor had regrown. Doctors shared the heartbreaking news—the cancer was in an inoperable spot.

Brett’s condition deteriorated, and he was in a lot of pain. However, he did everything in his power to get one moment with his newborn. The father comforted his kids for as long as possible.

He did his best to provide for them and adored his girls more than anything. Their eldest child was devastated after the loss of her father.

Nicola said: “They did everything together – he was such a good dad.” The story also touched netizens, and one user wrote:

“I can’t imagine being in labor and giving birth whilst knowing your husband is dying. She is such a strong woman.”

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Another added condolences for the family, and someone said: “[Nicole ]will raise those girls remembering the wonderful man their dad is, and they will know what a strong woman she is.”

While the family will always miss Brett, the final moment he shared with his newborn daughter is something they will treasure forever. 

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