Dad Credits Premature Daughter with Saving His Life from a Heart Attack

A father was in the hospital visiting his fiancée and daughter, who had arrived a month early when he began experiencing searing pain in his shoulder.

There’s a reason why children are referred to as “bundles of joy.” They not only fill their parents’ life with endless happiness but also complete them in ways they could have never thought possible. 

Oftentimes, parents hail their little ones for being their lucky charms, and this California father is crediting his newborn daughter not only for making him a happy daddy but also for saving his life. 

The Jurupa Valley man had no clue he was showing symptoms of a heart attack when he felt an intense pain in his shoulder in early October this year. Fortunately, he was already present at Riverside Community Hospital (RCH) at the time. 

Jonathan Cedillo, a professional wrestler, was present at RCH due to his newborn daughter’s early arrival, so he was quickly examined by the doctors, who were then able to figure out what was actually happening to him. 

The incident took place on October 11, only three days after his fiancée, Vanessa Sandoval, delivered their baby girl a month early. The baby was born on October 8 at 3 weeks and weighed 7 pounds, and experienced a delay in her release from the hospital.

Cedillo had arrived at the hospital to take Sandoval and his baby girl Juliette home when a stinging pain in his chest rendered him unfit. He then had to lie down in the extra bed in the room for a while. Talking to KTLA, he shared: 

“[Juliette] saved me, and I will be her sentinel and guardian as long as I can. She was born a month early. It was like, ‘I’ve got to get out of here so I can save my daddy.'”

Given his condition, he was then attended by Sandoval’s nurse, who reported that Cedillo fell unconscious, experienced shallow and slow breathing, and even stopped breathing for a few seconds. He was then taken to the ER. 

After close examination, the doctors confirmed that Cedillo had suffered a heart attack, and his left anterior descending artery had a 100 percent blockage. It was later revealed that he had been feeling terrible and achy since the day before. 

Cedillo had brushed off the pain in his shoulder and arm, thinking it might be from a training injury he had experienced a few months ago. He had even seen a chiropractor, but the pain still lingered on, giving him a hard time. 

According to RCH, had Cedillo been at home, he would have never realized what the pain actually was signaling, and ignoring it might have caused permanent heart damage. 

The doctors at RCH placed a stent to clear Cedillo’s blocked artery. Expressing her thoughts on the matter, Sandoval said that it was scary at first, but she was thankful her fiancé was at the right place when he had his major heart attack. She also added:

“He probably would’ve passed away [at] the house, possibly by himself or even later that night.”

Cedillo spent a day and a half in the hospital, after which he was declared out of danger to go home to his fiancée and baby girl on October 13. He also visited RCH after 12 days to thank the medical staff for saving his life.

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