Customer Orders Single Drink at Restaurant and Leaves a $3,000 Tip for Staff

What appeared to be an innocent drink at a restaurant turned out to touch not only the lives of those working there but many individuals online. 

Although the vaccines have been and are currently being distributed around the globe, our struggle against COVID-19 rages on. In November 2020, one restaurant owner in Cleveland, Brendan Ring, took the responsible route.

He chose to close his doors to his institution called Nighttown, amid the pandemic, where the virus was rapidly multiplying and rising in numbers throughout the state. 

Brendan Ring [left]; A check [right].┃Source: 5 Cleveland

Of course, this would negatively impact not only him and his restaurant but also the workers. The owner expressed

“It’s going to be a hard winter in the restaurant business.” 

However, one unnamed Good Samaritan turned that all around, in a moment that Ring pens as a shining light during these tough times. 

Nighttown restaurant announcing via Facebook that they are temporarily closing.┃Source:

On November 22, 2020, the day before he was about to close his restaurant for a few months, a customer came in and ordered one single beer. The man didn’t even finish his drink Heather Sandow, the bartender recollected: 

“He literally took two small sips out of it, signed his check, and left.”

The shocked businessman shared this story with his online friends, taking to Facebook but withholding the unnamed man’s identity. He partially penned

“As he walked out I looked down at the tip and realized he left a whopping $3000 tip on a single beer purchase.”

Ring wrote that he ran after the stranger, thinking it must have been a mistake. Nevertheless, the customer assured him otherwise, saying he would see them when they reopened.

The post went viral, accumulating 1100 reactions, 458 shares, and 230 comments. Out of these remarks, one individual wrote

“In bad times look for the helpers! There are Good Samaritans everywhere. This kind of kind gesture makes 2020 less of a [expletive]!”

Debbie Darling claimed that this reflects just how popular and beloved his eatery, Nighttown is. Many commented on what a generous action it was. 

Individual’s comments on a Facebook post by Brendan Ring.┃ brendan.ring.587


The bartender believed that it wasn’t truly the money but rather the act itself that truly mattered. Sandow expressed

“It’s not all about money. I think personally, it’s more about the gesture that was made and the unselfishness that was demonstrated.”

Indeed, material objects and cash can never truly fulfill us. Of course, having a higher number in one’s account can’t hurt, right?  

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