‘Creepy’ Couple Tries to Kidnap Scared Boy When Homeless Man Asks If Everything Is OK

They say “never trust strangers,” and one Redditor did exactly what his mom told. He ran into an older couple who might’ve looked harmless considering their age. However, they turned out to be child snatchers on the lookout for innocent and lonely kids. 

Redditor carlyose always accompanied his mom to work as she couldn’t find a babysitter. He liked to wander around the store and help with little gigs. The store was based in an ill-reputed area with a history of thefts and homeless people.

The Original Poster (OP) regarded the homeless lot like ordinary people in their bad times. Owing to frequent robberies in the area, his mom always confined him in a small office at the store’s back. This happened regularly.

One day, the OP ran into a homeless man named Randy while accompanying his mom into the store. Now people were familiar with the guy. He didn’t cause any issues and usually took shelter on the storefront. The OP explained:

“We walk inside, and my mom tells me to go by the registers and wait for a little bit. So, I start leaning on things and playing with the buttons of a broken cash register right next to the exit.”

All of a sudden, he sensed someone standing behind him. He assumed it was his mother and turned around. A middle-aged couple with deep wrinkles greeted him.

The OP wasn’t familiar with the couple. He recalled his mom advising him not to talk to strangers. The older man smiled at him asked him if he wanted to buy a puppy. The man offered to take him to his car to check the pups. The OP was unsettled. He added:

“I immediately get really bad vibes from these people. My mom always told me about people saying things like that growing up. So, I was already scared from that.”

He rejected the offer saying he needed to talk to his mom first. As the OP tried to walk past the couple, the older man grabbed his arm and dragged him towards the exit.

The OP was terrified and shouted out to his mom. Though the older man didn’t look too strong, he was way stronger to tackle the kid. He pried him off the cash register. The OP decided to fight him and ensure they made noise so that his mom knew he was in danger. He explained:

“But just as I turned around, Randy was right there looking at us and asked if everything was ok. The woman this time came in and, in a hurried tone, said, “Oh yes, he’s our son, come on… Greg.” I scream, “MY NAME IS CARLYOSE.”

The OP’s mom rushed in on time. She separated Carlyose from the older man. She was furious as she asked him in a stern voice: “Can I ask you why you were holding my son?” The creepy couple was baffled and soon came up with a readymade answer.

The older woman told the OP’s mom that they’d mistaken Carlyose for their son. The couple stormed past Randy and exited the store. The OP was relieved and elaborated on the incident to his mom. She then thanked Randy for saving her son. From then onward, she ensured the OP was in her sight and grip whenever they went to the store together.

He couldn’t thank the homeless man enough for stepping in on time to save him from the kidnappers.

After reading his post, several users lashed out at the older couple for trying to kidnap Carlyose. Some sighed relief on knowing the OP was safe and sound. Redditor sappydark said the mom could’ve called the cops on that strange couple. Several users agreed with sappydark’s comment in the thread:

Others applauded Randy for watching out for the OP. They also hoped the older couple were caught before they succeeded in kidnapping another kid. Some people told the OP that the homeless man Randy deserved an award for saving his life.

The OP responded positively, saying: “He really did. He was always a really nice guy. No matter what, he would give you the clothes off his back if you needed it bad enough.” He couldn’t thank the homeless man enough for stepping in on time to save him from the kidnappers. 

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