Couple with 9 Kids Scared of Becoming Homeless as Council Sends Them an Eviction Notice

An English couple with nine kids and two relatives have had difficulty finding a suitable home and are scared of losing their Keighley residence, following the council’s verdict to evict them from where they have called home for a long time.

Clifford Westfall and his wife Clair Patterson share nine children in their Keighley, West York home. The couple has one child together but co-parents their eight kids from past relationships. The family of 11 also has two relatives living in their home.

Westfall and Patterson have lived peacefully for nearly three years with their kids. However, before the Christmas holiday, they were slammed with an eviction notice by Bradford Council, set to expire by January 22. 

Clifford Westfall with his kid [left] Clifford Westfall and his wife Clair Patterson’s nine children [right] | Photo:

The family is appealing for an extension to get things in order and find a suitable building to house their large family. However, they also mind leaving the area instantly because it would affect their children’s education.

The council concluded that the family should move out after a purchase notice was placed on the building because it was too high and did not fit the agreed planning dimensions. 

An insider from the council claimed that the family would have the choice of moving into two accommodation units near each other. However, Westfall informed the press that they were asked to move into hostels.


The father of nine explained that paying a huge sum for house rent was not a problem; rather, finding a better home to keep his family united is the goal.

The family had spent their Christmas holiday bothering over the eviction papers and surfing for a suitable structure for the clan. In their current home, they already pay £1000 ($1362) every month for the rent and £378 ($515) on monthly tax.

Patterson added that keeping their children in the home has helped organize their family better, as the siblings all attend school in the area. However, she confessed that if they leave Keighley, it would be challenging getting the seven younger ones to four different schools. 

The family of thirteen already have their toy shop business at the center of the town and would not mind living in a smaller apartment with four to five bedrooms but added that it would be considered overcrowding. They are currently in an eight-bedroom home.

Thankfully, the duo has the support of local councilor Mohsin Hussain. Hussain has requested that the council review their decision while urging them to set a new deadline.

The man admitted that he understands Clifford’s plight in finding a new home but that the family must settle in a home. He did not slam the council over their verdict but established the need for the family to receive support.

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