Couple with 4 Biological Children Adopt 6 More to Give Them Love and a Home

A husband and wife have a huge heart, so welcoming ten children into their happy home was nothing to them. However, the question begging to be asked is what it is like bringing up biological and adopted kids under the same roof? 

Kim Makle works as a nurse at Howard University Hospital. According to the mother, she encounters children coming in and out. She claims that she knows that they are being hurt and abused. 

Her husband, former UPS worker Carlos Makle experienced bullying due to his cleft palate, understanding what it was like to for others to mistreat you as a child. They also fostered numerous kids, struggling to see them return to challenging home situations.

Kim and Carlos Makle along with six of their ten children. │Source:

These factors led these two doting parents from Stafford County to adopt six children after their first four biological children. 

Speaking to individuals who may want to adopt, Kim suggested calling on their bravery and leaning on their faith.

Raising kids who have been in the system can be tricky, with some struggling with their attention and performing poorly in school.

Kim and Carlos Makle. │Source:


However, Kim said that it is similar to bringing up children in general, who all come with their challenges, expressing:

“This love we have for each other is magical…You wouldn’t be able to tell who is our biological children or not cause they’re all ours.”

The nurse stated that just like any biological child when they are born, you are always in the dark as to their unique strengths and weaknesses. This experience, she says, is no different from finding out what issues come along with adoptive kids. 

Carlos Makle. │Source:

Kim and Carlos first became the legal parents of three siblings from Washington D.C. This was followed by another pair of siblings and then finally a baby. 

Speaking to individuals who may want to adopt, Kim suggested calling on their bravery and leaning on their faith. The mom of ten expressed that God would not give them anything they could not handle. 

Alaina. │Source:

One of the adopted children, 11-year-old Alaina, remembers a difficult life before being welcomed into her current family.

She recalled that she and other foster kids moved around and spent many nights hungry. Speaking about being officially adopted, the  11-year-old said

“I think it’s special because I’m loved, and they take really good care of me.”

Just like Alaina, beyond a family, one thing that being adopted provides previously fostered children with is space to speak their truth. A reality that may not have been available to them beforehand.  

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