Couple Lose Their Daughter to Cancer, Later Decide to Adopt Another Sister for Their Son

After losing their adopted daughter to brain cancer, a couple finally got to smile again, following their decision to adopt another little girl and give their son another sibling.

In 2017, a San Antonio couple, Mitch and Crissy Finnie, were left in a state of mourning following the death of their two-year-old adopted daughter, Veronica Nicole Finnie.

The duo was doting parents to Veronica and her adopted brother, Simon Finnie. Mitch and Crissy opted for adoption because bearing children was out of the question, as they met and married each other at advanced ages.

Mitch and Crissy Finnie and their child, Bridget in an interview | Photo:

During a chat with KENS 5, the proud mother said that when she got married and decided to become a mother finally, she went for it without bothering about how it would happen. 

Luckily, her husband welcomed the idea and could not wait to become a father. At the time, Mitch and Crissy decided to adopt two children. 

So, the pair were matched with Simon’s birth mom, and shortly after, they welcomed their little boy. A year and a half after Simon was born, Mitch and Crissy became parents for the second time, following the arrival of their beautiful daughter.


The happy father admitted to the outlet that at that point, their story was complete, and they had everything. Sadly, the happy family of four faced their first big test, which would leave them in tears.

When Veronica was a little over one year old, she was diagnosed with brain cancer. The little girl’s parents were left shattered, and they did everything possible to get her better. 

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Veronica began chemotherapy, and eventually, she did surgery and hospice, but none were successful. She finally passed away when she was two years old. Speaking about the experience through tears, Crissy said:

“It’s not like it was at the beginning. We actually went through her second anniversary just recently, and it was so much better than last year, and I imagined it was going to get better every year.”

Following the death of Veronica, the parents revealed that they had no intention of leaving Simon as an only child. So, the thought of another adoption went through their minds.

A picture of Mitch and Crissy Finnie with their children in a family photo | Photo:

Crissy and Mitch contacted their agency and were immediately asked to sign up for another adoption. Six months after the passing of their daughter, the couple adopted another little girl, Bridget.

The middle-aged woman said she could not imagine what the family would look like without Bridget. Although they had to lose Veronica to get the second daughter, Crissy explained that it was God’s plan.

Crissy made it known that Bridget is the greatness that they did not expect. So, hopefully, the family of four will live happily till the end of time. 

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