Couple Leaves Newly-Renovated Home for a Date and Finds 300 Teenagers inside When They Return

It’s no secret that teenagers love to have a good time,  secretly having full-blown house parties at their parent’s house. That being said, a few of them take it too far, and in one case, this left a homeowner outraged. 

In 2017, Mike Cox just wanted to have a nice quiet night out with his wife, but upon returning home from a delicious dinner, they both received the shock of their lives.

Hundreds of teenagers were leaving their house, while deputies were present on the scene after neighbors called law enforcement due to high noise levels.  

The party was also completely out of control. Cox said that empty liquor bottles were lying everywhere, stating:

“You come home and find that 200 or 300 kids have broken into your house and torn it to pieces.” 

The deputy also came across teens trying to escape from the house. They hid in the basement closet to avoid getting caught. 

There was a Snapchat shared online by the culprits themselves of the confounding incident. The clip showed an innumerable number of young individuals dancing and singing in the residence. Cox expressed:

“Just complete rage. I mean I wish I could have gotten my hands on ’em [sic].”

According to this homeowner, the teenagers were beyond reckless, squirting champagne around the house and dancing on the furniture.

The incident caused Cox to dig deep into his pocket to repair his house’s high level of damage. This was after they had been renovating their home to sell it. 

As a result of this party, they had to pull the home off the market and ensure the house was repaired before they could put it up for sale again. Cox said that he wants these teens to reimburse him. 

However, this was not all the homeowner demanded, saying that he wanted them in handcuffs and would do all he could to turn this into a reality. It was reported at the time that some of them were arrested.

Beyond the physical damage, the mental and emotional implications laid heavy on Cox and his wife, both of them anxious that the youngsters would come back. 

It turns out these teens didn’t only break down a house that the owner was proud of but also broke his spirit, which we could classify as a worse crime.  

This rebellious streak seems to run rampant in all teenage hearts, with many taking it to the next level, such as in Cox’s case. In 2021, one realtor also experienced the horror of this hormone-fueled need to destress.

Upon taking his clients in to show them a house Desmond Brown and his viewers were mortified. A hoard of teens came down the stairs, running out the front door while the property was a complete wreck, from cigarette butts on the floor to empty alcohol bottles everywhere.

Yes, kids will always be kids, and it’s more than usual to expect a level of defiance within the teenage years, but these incidents seem to be taking it too far. What do you think? 

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