Couple Gets Call Saying Their Son’s Birth Mom Is Pregnant Again and Wants Them to Adopt the Baby

Years after trying for a baby, a couple resigned to their fate that they would never be parents until they received a call that changed their lives forever.

Having kids for some couples is the highlight of their marriage. Most lovers can’t wait to have their little ones running around their homes and adding a spark of joy and fun to their lives.

For a couple, their love story started almost perfectly, but little did they know that there would be some rough patches on the way. Brad and Kelsey Bishop met during an interview over a decade ago, and what started as admiration blossomed into a passionate romance.

The first two years of their marriage were a time of pleasurable adventure. Back then, the couple decided to pause all plans of having kids in a bid to spend more time together. Seeing their friends get pregnant so easily, the duo thought they would share a similar experience.

When the time came to try for a baby, the duo faced the greatest shock of their lives. After trying several times, they decided to visit a fertility doctor, hoping to get the answers to their concerns.

At the suggestion of the fertility specialist, Brad and Kelsey tried two rounds of IUI, which proved unsuccessful. All thanks to their insurance, they could afford to attempt IVF, which was also a fruitless venture.

Four rounds of failed IVF were enough to convince Brad and Kelsey that their hopes to own their biological children were virtually non-existent. This was one of the saddest realities the couple had to face. Speaking of the experience, Brad wrote:

 “I’ll never forget the phone call when Kelsey tearfully told me it didn’t work. I was sad about the results, but I was more sad for her. I was sad my beautiful bride was denied the chance to be a mom.”

Several rounds of failure convinced the duo that having kids naturally was not for them, so with the support of their friends, they opted for adoption. After getting settled for the move, Brad and Kelsey sold puzzles to raise funds for the adoption, which they claimed cost several thousands of dollars.

Brad previously shared an Instagram post where he thanked his friends for their generosity which spurred them to take the step toward becoming adoptive parents. A while later, Brad and Kelsey welcomed their first child Bennett.

While enjoying the new life of being parents, the couple never imagined being able to have a second until a few months later, Bennett’s birth mother called to ask if they cared about adopting her next baby.

In an Instagram post, Brad wrote, “Well…a few weeks ago, we found out that Bennett’s birth mom and father are expecting again, and they’ve asked us if we’d adopt this baby.”

The couple created another puzzle, asking for donations from friends to help make their dreams come true. What seemed like many years of darkness became filled with light in less than two years.

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