Couple Adopt Preemie Daughter and 2 Weeks Later, Wife Gets a Positive Pregnancy Test

When a couple decided to adopt a baby girl, they didn’t expect to be expanding their family anymore for a while. However, a few weeks after bringing home a bundle of joy, they found out they were pregnant. 

Rebekah Laskowski and her husband, Sam, were the happy parents of two young kids. Both of them felt the desire to add another baby to their brood, but because of Rebekah’s struggles in childbirth, they started thinking about adoption.

They were matched with a baby girl that was due in June 2017, but the couple got a surprise when their daughter made her entrance into the world ten weeks early.


Their preemie girl, Goldie Mae, spent six weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit. After growing healthy and strong, their little girl was able to go home with them. They thought the emotional rollercoaster was over—but they were wrong. 

Soon after, Rebekah came down with a stomach bug, or so she thought. The mother vomited frequently and even had a craving for fried chicken. One day she decided to take a pregnancy test, which she “knew would be negative.” 


The mother shared that her husband heard her panic from behind the bathroom door. He opened the door and said: “Noooo, I don’t think two lines mean positive.” Rebekah added: “He handed me two other tests, which both immediately returned positive lines.”

Rebekah couldn’t believe the tests, and she didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, so she did both. She added: “[Our] ’emotional rollercoaster’ had just taken a sharp right, and we were tracking up a STEEP, STEEP, slope.” 

Rebekah felt guilty that she would be robbing her adoptive daughter of the “baby status” so quickly. The mother held Goldie close for the nine months when she was their only baby. Fortunately, Rebekah carried her unborn baby for 39 weeks. 

The mother had never carried a child that long, and she valued her time with Goldie. She shared:

“I had created a beautiful bond with Goldie and was scared that I wouldn’t be able to bond with the new baby as easily.”

When their new baby, Gwyneth Reese, was born, Rebekah was anxious to see all four kids together. However, as soon as she saw her family, she realized adopting and falling pregnant was a true and “unbelievable miracle.”

Goldie and Gwyneth also formed a special bond, and while it was tough on Rebekah (with double feedings, diapers, and crying), she managed the chaos.

She reminds herself that there is also “DOUBLE the love,” and she would never change having her “almost twins” for anything in the world. 

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