Cop Teaches 11-Year-Old Living in a Car How to Play Hopscotch in Heartwarming Video

Two police officers on official duty ended up going viral after one of them taught an 11-year-old homeless girl how to play hopscotch.

Two Huntington Beach Police Department officers, Zach Price and Scott Marsh went viral after one of their official duties led to a pleasant but unexpected end.

Pricer, in particular, had more focus on him because he was captured in a heartwarming clip with a little homeless girl on the street of Huntington Beach.

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The wholesome video shared on HBPD’s official Facebook page showed the precious moment he showed the young girl how to play hopscotch.

In his full police uniform, Pricer drew the hopscotch boxes and numbers on the floor. He then proceeded to show her how it worked. Pricer jumped forward, moving through the numbers back and forth.

The preteen who wore pink pajama pants and a matching sweats jacket paid rapt attention to the towering officer who seemed so gentle. Pricer did a great job placing the hopscotch pebbles at different points while hopping over them. 

After he missed a box, it was the little girl’s turn. She proved that the officer was a good teacher as she hopped over the boxes without missing a beat. Pricer could be heard commending her in the background.

He also told her some of her mistakes and overlooked them because it was her first time. The video’s caption shared a summary of how Pricer ended up being an adorable hopscotch teacher:

“This morning an officer checked on a suspicious occupied vehicle in the area of Graham and Edinger. During his investigation he learned the people in the vehicle were a mother and her 11-year-old daughter…”

A user’s comment on video of cops teaching a young girl how to play Hopscotch. | Photo:

Pricer and Marsh started their day off when their patrol duties took them near Graham Street and Edinger Avenue. Amid their patrol, the two pulled up where the suspicious-looking car was parked, only to find a non-suspicious situation.

The vehicle occupants were an 11-year-old girl and her mom, and they were living out of their car. The concerned officers immediately swung into action, as Marsh sought to have the mother-daughter duo in a more suitable situation.

He contacted the department’s Homeless Task Force to make housing arrangements. On the other hand, a quick-thinking Pricer thought that the 11-year-old might be tense, so he devised a way to ease things.

A user’s comment on video of cops teaching a young girl how to play Hopscotch. | Photo:

This was the moment he drew the hopscotch game with white chalk and taught her how to play. Speaking about the situation, he mentioned that he was only trying to “break the ice” and get the girl to feel comfortable.

This was also his tactic to get to know more about the youngster. Officer Pricer went viral on the internet, and the clip was watched over one million times. It also gathered over 47,000 likes.

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