Cop Is Captured Comforting 2-Year-Old after His Mother Crashed Her Car and Left Him at the Scene

In 2016, a mother crashed into a fire hydrant. When police arrived at the scene, they found a child alone in the car after his mother fled the scene. One officer comforted the youngster. 

When a mother who had purportedly been drinking caused an accident, she could not face the consequences. The front of her white vehicle was severely damaged, and the collision caused liters of water to gush from a damaged fire hydrant. 

Fearing that she would be arrested, the woman who was later identified as Elizabeth Robles ran from the scene on foot and hid away at home. However, she forgot one important thing behind in the car—her two-year-old son. 

Police officer comforts a baby after his mom fled the accident scene and left him behind | Photo: Youtube/Inside Edition


The 27-year-old mother didn’t display much care for her infant and chose to abandon him at the crash scene. Fortunately, a kind-hearted police officer arrived and saved the day. 

LAPD officer John Neal Cooke was stunned when he discovered a child in the backseat of the car. Robles’ son was crying and afraid. 

Police officer comforts a baby after his mom fled the accident scene and left him behind | Photo: Youtube/Inside Edition


Cooke said the mother did a “monstrous thing” when prioritizing her well-being above her child’s. Robles was later taken into custody after police found her at home.

The little boy was placed in the care of other family members. Officer Cooke stated that things could have been much worse. He added: “We were right there at the right time.” 

A woman crashed her car into a fire hydrant and left her baby at the accident scene | Photo: Youtube/Inside Edition


Cooke went above and beyond to show the little one some love as he dealt with the shock of the accident. In a video, he embraces the child and offers him his bottle.

The baby reached out for the officer, and he got the comfort he had been looking for all evening. The events were traumatizing for the infant, but Cooke did his best to provide him with much-needed care.  

Netizens applauded the officer. A commenter stated: “That cop is more of a mother than the “real” one.” Another added:

“This officer is a real man to be admired.” 

Many also condemned the mother’s actions, and one user wrote: “This woman is a disgrace.” A netizen also stated: “This is disgusting. It’s horrible to know that people would leave their child in a crashed car. I hope this little guy is the best.”

Netizens respond to a video of a police officer comforting a baby after his mom fled an accident scene | Photo: Youtube/Inside Edition

Much of the online community expressed that the clip made them emotional. They were saddened that the infant had to endure such a terrible ordeal, and some indicated that the footage left them bawling. 

While the police officer was simply doing what the job required of him, his attention to detail and kindness did not go unnoticed. His small act made all the difference and proved that a little bit of love can go a long way.  

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