Cody Simpson Reveals Sister Is “Lucky To Be Alive” After Breaking Neck

Cody Simpson has recently revealed how grateful he is that his sister is alive following a tragic accident that occurred earlier this week. 

Alli Simpson, sister to Cody, recently shared a snap of herself in a neck brace on a hospital bed to her Instagram page, garnering a shocked reaction from followers. 

The star’s sister detailed the events of the accident, and Simpson himself took to the comments to express his happiness that she was okay. 

Alli Simpson shared the snap and revealed that she dove headfirst into a shallow swimming pool on New Year’s Eve and hit her head on the bottom of the pool, causing severe fractures in her neck. 

She then revealed that she would be living the next four months of her life in a neck brace but was glad to be alive as the injury just missed her spinal cord.

Cody, Miley Cyrus’ ex-beau, also expressed his relief by commenting, “I’m so grateful you are safe,” on the post.

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