Best Gifts and Toys for a 1-Year-Old in 2022

Stocksy Shopping for kids at any age can be a huge challenge, especially if you don’t have any children of your own. Even with a registry, gift shopping for baby showers or new moms can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot to think about! Aside from personal preferences, you also gotta consider the age group your … Read more

Next in the Series: “How Would the ERA Impact Our Daily Lives?”

ABOUT THE SERIES: “A few months ago, journalist Rachel Leventhal had a conversation with three young women of color about gender equality and the Equal Rights Amendment. It was one of those conversations that yielded more questions than answers, namely: Why don’t women already have constitutional equality, and what would it really mean if we … Read more

4 Stages of Eclampsia

Someone out there had it out for pregnant girls. As if it isn’t hard enough on them already, there is a disorder known as Pre-Eclampsia. Below, we will take a look at what this disorder is characterized by, how it effects you, and how to tell if you have it. Pre-Eclampsia is a pregnancy disorder … Read more

Where to Buy Cheap Furniture 2022

Khadija Horton After a while, the same furniture that moved in with you just…doesn’t hit the same. Whether you’re looking to upgrade that couch to something newer (and better) or you’re finally purchasing a nice desk for your home office, you probably already know that buying furniture isn’t always, uh, kind on your wallet. But … Read more

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Are Engaged Again, J.Lo Confirms

Jennifer Lopez‘s team confirmed huge news late Friday night: the A-lister is engaged to Ben Affleck! Again!! J.Lo’s rep confirmed the news to People right before Jen commented on the update in her On the JLo newsletter . The newsletter included a vid of the star admiring her giant green ring from Ben, saying, “You’re … Read more

13 Best Fisherman Sandals for Women 2022 — Cute Summer Sandals

Courtesy The weather is heating up, which means it’s time to fling your fave fuzzy socks and shoes into the wind (or closet—that works, too). This spring, summer, and even early fall, we’re freeing our feet by way of fisherman sandals—ya know, the woven shoes your ‘rents used to wear…oh, and actual fishermen, too. I … Read more

24 Best Beach Gifts 2022

Getty Images To make an upcoming sun-and-sand vacay perfect, you’ve gotta have alllll the essentials. There’s the perfect beach outfit, the beach accessories, the perfect swimsuit, and, of course, the best beach blanket to match. (Then you need to compose the best beach-related captions, of course.) There’s *so much* to think about!! Whether you’ve got … Read more

30 Destination Wedding Ideas – Destination Wedding Locations

Caerula Mar Club, South Andros Island, Bahamas South Andros Island is one of The Bahamas’ largest and least inhabited islands, which makes it an ideal setting for a beachfront wedding, sans uninvited onlookers. This boutique hotel was designed by HGTV’s Sarah Baeumler, where each of the five private villas and 18 suites feature her signature … Read more

Chained Woman Has Become the Face of Bride Trafficking in China

The Chinese government has launched a year-long campaign to stem trafficking of women and children. The decision was prompted by a public uproar over its longstanding failure to tackle bride trafficking. It all started with a woman the authorities call Little Plum Flower. Shocking images of Little Plum Flower, whose surname is Yang, surfaced in late January after … Read more

20 Best Summer Pants for Women 2022

Melodie JengGetty Images Summer: The season most of us prefer to avoid long pants. Truly, walking around in thick trousers while the sun is beating you down and the humidity is having a field day with your hair is not ideal in the slightest. But before you swear off all pants during the hottest months, … Read more

6 Most Awkward Moments From the 2022 Grammys

The Grammys are music’s biggest night, and we all know a room full of celebs = at least a little drama. Of course, along with surprise wins and iconic performances, there were a few awkward moments fans couldn’t help but notice. Whether you’re looking back to make sure you saw what you saw, or you’re … Read more

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