Café Employee Hugged Customer, Then Finds Out He Murdered Her Close Friend

A café employee became friends with a regular customer named Rachel. One day, Rachel went missing leaving everyone clueless. A year later, the police discovered her exact location. 

The cafe employee posted her story on Reddit under the username motherofcats94. She revealed she worked at a popular cafe where many people showed up regularly. 

She confessed to becoming friends with many of her customers, and one of them was Rachel, who later mysteriously disappeared. She described Rachel as a kind, fun-loving girl. 

One thing that bothered the employee was Rachel’s company. She believed Rachel could hang out with better people, who would influence her positively, but she didn’t express her concerns in front of her. 

After some time, Rachel started dating another one of OP’s (Original Poster’s) regular customers, Ben. OP shared that Rachel had started confiding in her even more. One day, Ben broke up with Rachel, leaving her shattered. OP explained:

 “I clearly remember her messaging me to hang out and her crying on my shoulder for half an hour.”

After her breakup, Rachel stopped coming to the café with her group for some time, until she started going out with another guy from the same group named Gregg. 

OP hadn’t seen her, but someone else had claimed they saw her going downtown.

At this point, Rachel rarely talked to OP because she spent more time with her group of friends. However, OP could see Rachel and Gregg’s relationship going downhill. 

Ultimately, Rachel broke up with Gregg and filed a restraining order against him, but OP didn’t know why. She never bothered to find out the reason until Rachel went missing. OP explained:

“It was awful, her family started showing up to talk to me asking if I’d seen her.”

OP hadn’t seen her, but someone else had claimed they saw her going downtown. Her family often visited the café to ask about Rachel to no avail. 

A year after Rachel’s disappearance, the police found something that could help them find her. After following the clue, they discovered Rachel’s dead body.

Her friends and family were devastated after hearing the sad news. The police continued their investigation and found the man who killed her. 

The man’s name and picture rang a bell in OP’s mind. After thinking for some time, she remembered meeting him a year back.

A few days after Rachel’s disappearance, a man dropped by at the café and asked OP if she knew where Rachel was last seen and if she knew about anything bad that had happened to her.

OP replied that she knew nothing about Rachel and hugged the man before he left. Thinking about that day made OP feel upset. She felt guilty after realizing that she had hugged her friend’s murderer. 

When the police arrested the man, they discovered another shocking truth. It turned out that the man didn’t have any rivalry with Rachel. He killed her because someone gave him money to do it.

Upon further investigation, the police discovered that Gregg had hired the man to kill Rachel, and he hid her body at a stranded location. 

After the case was closed, OP talked to Rachel’s family and told him about hugging the man. She felt terrible about it and believed she could have saved her friend from getting killed. 

OP’s post shocked other Redditors. A user named audionerd1 told OP not to feel guilty about hugging and talking to Rachel’s murderer, saying:

“You had no way of knowing who he was at the time. He manipulated you into thinking he was a concerned friend.”

Another concerned Redditor asked OP about Gregg, to which she replied that he was arrested by the police and the trials are still going on.

evektpa told OP not to feel guilty about hugging the man because that shows how kind she is. They said she should feel proud about it, to which OP replied:

“Thank you, I was hesitant to share this but for some reason I decided to. People here are very comforting, including yourself.”

Most users supported OP, telling her not to feel guilty about hugging the man. If you enjoyed reading this story, you might like this one about a man who tried to kidnap a little girl, but a stranger saved her.

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