Busy Delivery Driver Cries as He Reads His Son’s Letter to Santa Asking for Help

A busy delivery truck driver was moved to tears after reading his little son’s letter to Santa. So he shared the note on social media, which later went viral. Here’s what the little boy wrote.

Last year, the Covid-19 was a curse, especially to families who lost loved ones to the dreadful virus. However, it was also a blessing in disguise for several families because parents got the chance to be more involved in their children’s lives.

Unfortunately, not all parents had the luxury. Some workers work overtime majorly to keep civilization running and to make sure everything is delivered to the doorsteps of customers without having to risk their health.

An image of the letter Scott’s son wrote to Santa [left] A picture of Scott [right] | Photo: reddit.com/r/pics

For UPS driver Scott, his job had deprived him of quality time with his little son, Jonah, and to solve that problem, the latter penned down his heartfelt wishes in a letter to Santa. Scott could not help but take a peek at the letter, and after he read it, he burst into tears.

Last year, the UPS driver decided to share the note’s content with his friends and followers on Reddit, which eventually went viral, causing a stir of emotions. In the post which contained a photo of the letter, Scott captioned it:

“I’m a UPS driver and I cried when I opened up our son’s letter to Santa.”

An image of the letter Scott’s son wrote to Santa | Photo: reddit.com/r/pics

In the letter, Jonah 


: “Dear Santa, I would really like to spend more time with my dad, so I would really love and appreciate it if you could help him get off work early…So I would love it if you could help him in any way. Sincerely Jonah.”

Scott revealed that his eyes were opened to some things after he read the letter. The father was convinced that despite his busy schedule, he had to spend more time with his son, who craved quality time with his father.

A redditor’s comment on the viral reddit post | Photo: reddit.com/r/pics

Shortly after the post was shared, it went viral, with tons of likes and comments. Many Reddit users were moved to tears, and others shared similar experiences.

A fellow father noted that he could imagine how Scott felt. According to the man, he used to be a UPS truck driver assistant, and the job required being focused and working hard for long hours.

Another user explained that if Scott ever needed a sign to spend more time with his son, Jonah’s letter was that sign.

A redditor’s comment on the viral reddit post | Photo: reddit.com/r/pics

A third respondent suggested that the UPS driver hang the letter in his workplace break room if Scott had any. 

Others reassured the emotional dad, noting that even though not spending quality time with his son was frustrating, Jonah would see his support and hard work eventually. 

The father and son’s story is only an encouragement to people who work in certain positions, even during the Holidays. Their services will always be seen and appreciated.

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