Brothers Separated for Years in Foster Homes Receive Surprise Adoption Together

Two brothers, who had been in separate foster homes for nearly three and a half years, were finally reunited in 2018 when a kind man decided to adopt them and be their father. 

Having a home to live in and parents who love and care for you are indeed privileges that are sometimes taken for granted. But as they say, the value of something is only truly realized either after losing it or not having it in the first place. 

For two brothers, not having a roof over their heads or the loving embrace of their family weren’t the only worries that kept their minds occupied. The boys were living in different foster care centers and longed to be together. 


In 2017, 10-year-old Tre hardly got to see his 7-year-old younger brother, Ke’Lynn, because they didn’t share the same foster home. They had been in Child Protective Custody for over three years. Ke’Lynn further expressed: 

“I want to see him [Tre] every day, and I don’t.”

At the same time, little Ke’Lynn missed having his older brother around because he loved him so much. Tre wanted to be with his baby brother because he felt responsible for him and wanted to protect him like a big brother. 

Initially, the boys required some time and space to be apart so they could recover from their trauma and distress. However, they were the only family they had left, and their social worker also reported how much they had worked on their relationship. 

Every month, the two brothers met for some time, only to be separated after their short visit ended. At the time of leaving, they began sobbing uncontrollably because they hated being drifted apart. It was a painful sight for everyone. 

The two kids wanted to be there for each other and enjoy their proper family time so they could shower each other with genuine, brotherly love. Their short visits hurt them so much that they could hardly control their emotions. 

Tre and Ke’Lynn had been featured on WFAA’s Wednesday Child Segment, where they both enjoyed being honorary Dallas Police officers for an afternoon. Talking about their incredible experience, Ke’Lynn shared: 

“We saw the canine, and we rode in the police car.”

The two brothers had grown up in a neighborhood community where they often saw officers. They explained how they yearned to live together in a loving and safe family, where their parents would take care of them like the cops in their old neighborhood.

One day, a kind man named Dr. Robert Beck saw the brothers. He was deeply moved after learning their story and said he felt an instant connection with them. Soon afterward, he decided to open his heart and home to them, and they began staying with him. 

However, it wasn’t until July 18, 2018, that Beck astonished his sons in a North Texas courtroom. While the brothers thought they were only present in such a place to take pictures, it was indeed their Adoption Day. 

After finding out, they were ecstatic and couldn’t stop hugging their father. They finally had a home and forever family, including an older brother, a village of helpers, and a loving dad who promised to love, support, and protect them for the rest of their lives. 

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