Bride Told She’d Never Walk Again Dances With Husband on Wedding Contrary to Doctors’ Predictions

While many of us, when we fall, struggle to get back up, one woman makes sure to rise and dance, holding her hand out for those who want to join her. 

Thirty-two-year-old Amy Peterson from Barming England has type 1 diabetes, leading to many significant health issues over the years.

Peterson once fell into a coma, which occurred only a few days after she suffered a cardiac arrest. Upon awakening, she was told that she might never walk or talk again. Although she beat these odds and managed to do both, Peterson kept running into more roadblocks.

Not long after this traumatic incident, she had to get all of her teeth taken out due to repetitive infections in her gums. Commenting on this, Peterson said:

“I don’t really get conscious of my looks. I am not a girly girl.”

This woman has an outrageously positive outlook on life. However, what happened next was yet another blow to Peterson’s morale. After all these battles, her leg was amputated right under the knee. This was due to an infection that could have adversely affected her kidneys.

Despite all these, Peterson was determined not to allow the issues to spoil her unique Halloween-themed wedding to her now-husband, Ben Peterson. True to her tenacious personality, she found her way down the aisle in a wheelchair, which was covered in spooky decor

When it came to dancing with her husband and father, a special moment at any wedding, this resolute woman came up with an innovative plan. She used a stool to keep her upright. 

Beyond benefitting herself, this newlywed has a broader purpose for not letting these hurdles get in the way of living her life. The wife said she met others in the hospital who were also amputees, expressing

“I want them to know there’s a happy ever after.”

Whether you’re dancing with your prince or princess, at a ball, or arriving at your wedding in a spooky wheelchair, Peterson does inspire everyone to believe that they can always create their own exceptional fairytale


Brides, such as Peterson, are marvelous creatures and continue to impress and touch hearts. Elizabeth Shoesmith is just one of these white sparkle-covered beings who made her groom’s day even more beautiful than it already was. 

While walking down the aisle, the deaf almost-husband was brought to tears when the bride signed the wedding song as she walked down the aisle. Of course, they went with a marriage ceremony classic, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perry. 

If their weddings are anything to go by, these two lucky-in-love couples will almost certainly have marriages that stand the test of time.

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