Bride Starts Crying at Her Wedding after Hearing Her Stepdaughter’s Speech

Cliches of Cinderella and her “evil stepmother” come to mind when imagining stepmoms. However, in reality, this is untrue for many. One stepdaughter went out of her way to prove it, taking everyone’s breath away in the process. 

They were both strangers at a restaurant in New York in 2016. However, when Beth Lancaster-Anderson and her now-husband Daniel Anderson locked eyes, it was love at first sight.

Only a year later, Daniel or “Dan” got on his knee, asking his future wife to spend the rest of their days together. Two years passed, and by 2019, the wedding day had finally arrived.

Beth Lancaster-Anderson crying at her wedding [left]; Beth Lancaster-Anderson hugging her stepdaughter Alex at her wedding [right]. │Source:


Cinematographer Ruth Samson had filmed a speech that one of Dan’s teenage daughters, Alex, made for her stepmother at the reception. Touched by the address, she shared three short videos of it on TikTok, expressing

“As soon as I posted it, I was surprised by the number of views it got.”

Based on the deeply emotional nature of the speech, the family, and especially Beth’s reaction, it is no surprise that these clips became viral. 

In the first part, Alex spoke about her fears and anxieties surrounding having a stepmother, imagining the negative stereotypes that come along with the idea. However, the teenager stated

“She is the kindest, most genuine person ever. Beth is perfect in every way, on the inside and outside.”

Already tearing up, Beth’s eyes glowed along with her shimmering dress as she gently placed her hand over her heart. 

In the following video, the teen spoke about how Beth had lessened the difficulties of having divorced parents. This led to applause as the stepmom tried her best but could not hold back her tears. Restraining her sobs too, Alex said

“She changed my life and my dad for the better.” 

The young woman stated that she could see how happy her new stepmother makes her father and that his happiness brings her immense joy. 

Alex emphasized that although her stepmother wasn’t biologically related to her, she knew she could always count on her no matter what. The teenager expressed

“To me, family isn’t only defined by last names or by blood. It’s defined by love and commitment.”

The young woman stated how lucky she was to call Beth her stepmom. As the speech ended, the stepmom got up to embrace her stepdaughter, sparkling tears still present. 


All three videos became highly popular, with many exclaiming how beautiful and touching the moment was. One individual penned

“The love she has for you, she looks like she couldn’t wait to be your stepmom too. 🥺”

There were a plethora of comments flowing in about how the stepmother and stepdaughter were gorgeous. Beyond this, many fellow TikTokers expressed that the videos had moved them to tears. 

Individual’s comments on TikTok videos by Sky Cinema Films. │Source:

As was evident, Beth could not help but show her own tears at the wedding reception. Speaking about this moment, she said:

“When I heard my stepdaughter’s words the evening of my wedding, I did indeed break down.”

It looked like when Dan and his future wife caught each other’s eyes; their instant love created a ripple effect — leading to a family filled with warmth and tenderness. 

Children’s immense love for their mothers and fathers, whether their stepparents or biological, knows no bounds. 

If Alex’s touching words did not make this evident, then one heroic 5-year-old girl’s actions will, saving her father’s life during an adorable 911 conversation. 

With her father in need of medical help, Savannah spoke to one of the dispatchers, remaining utterly calm as she did so.

The 5-year-old was also able to follow all instructions necessary. Savannah most likely aided in the survival of her dad, who was believed to be experiencing a heart attack. 

From the time they are born until they reach adulthood, many kids are more capable and emotionally intuitive than we may realize. We just need to give them a chance. 

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