Break Away Collars For Dogs

Break Away Collars For Dogs in 2020

The unique break-away buckle design separates when pressure is applied if the collar becomes caught or snagged.


  • Prevent Collar Accidents for your Dog or Puppy.
  • Improve Safety, Compatible with Leash Use.
  • A high of quality, durable and cute pet collar is the best.

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  • The safe buckle releases when pressure is applied, very safe for pets, and convenient for you to open it. Also with a stainless steel D-rings for tag and leash to attach.
  • Great Material: Made with high quality PU leather and Soft Polyester webbing,which will be comfortable to touch.
  • A reflective cloth is firmly stitched on the webbing help to identify and also locate your own dog fast and easy even at night. Best buy for night dog walking enthusiasts.
  • The edges of our dog webbing are smooth after abrading process. Avoid the hurts from collar abrasion, bringing your lovable dog a comfy fit.
  •  High of quality double canvas material, durable, a collar can use for long time. Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Stylish and bright printed pattern with wonderful printing technology, no fade, maintain beautiful and colorful for long time.
  • Break-Away Collar ever becomes damaged due to chewing or scratching.


Break Away Collars for Dogs

The collar was invented by Tenney Mudge as a gift for her beloved dog and best friend, a Labrador retriever.

The dog safety collar is equipped with a leash that can be put on or off and has a patented break-away safety buckle that loosens when pressure is applied when the collar is attached to something, making it harmless to fall and reducing the risk of strangulation or injury to the pet. The Keep Safe collar also has a tear-off buckle that can be used to attach an ID tag or clip it together with the leash so that pet parents can safely walk their dog with this collar.

  • Easy to clean and maintain collars
  • High-quality PU leather and Soft Polyester 
  • Abrasion free breakaway collars 
  • The safest, easy to use, and durable leash
  • Stylish and bright wonderful pet collars

Remember that it is important to find a suitable size for your dog, because the pressure required to break off the collar depends on the measurements your dog takes. Perhaps the biggest advantage of a good dog collar is that it is mostly intended for small dogs and puppies. There are not many options for large dogs, such as Great Danes, but these can also fit larger dogs like them.

Although dog collars are the number one item that pets associate with dog ownership, many consider them to be a hidden hazard. You do not actually have a system to prevent accidents or injuries to your dog caused by the collar that is attached to something. In this article, we will review the different types of dog collars available on the market today and talk in more detail about what a safe “tearing” collar actually is, and how to shop and choose the right one for your pet.

Best Collar & Leash for a Dog

A dog trainer has expressed concern that his dog may have suffocated by his own dog collar. One of the most common complaints owners come up with is to remove their dog’s collar when he is in the house.

If your dog is an escape artist and somehow manages to get out of the door, he runs away from you and runs into the house. You have to grab it and catch it, but there are breakaway collars and they work very well to catch dogs.

With a collar that comes off the house, keep your dog safe in the house and take it with you instead of taking it out of the house.

It is important that your furry pets are safe, and removing collars is a great way to keep your pet out of the collars danger. Dogs can catch their tags and collars and they can cause a lot of problems, so it is important that they are safe. If you are looking for a home where your dog is identifiable by a collar or tag, remember that collar and tag can become a dangerous hazard if you try to put its safety first.

Reflective breakaway dog collar

Given all these potential dangers, it is important to invest in a solution that protects your dog from tearing off collars. If you are looking for a collar that fits a small dog or a young puppy, it will not fit many – the collar for cats is not suitable. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that your puppy has a collar that can be easily torn off, as the collar is easily detached and protects the puppy from strangulation and injury.

The Wonder Pup Break-away collars are available in various colors, such as black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange and blue.

This pack of four is especially helpful if you have several small dogs or a small litter with puppies. The break-away collar can prevent your dog from getting stuck on objects or pulling on the collar while playing.

Fortunately, we’ve never had a collar accident in our house, but when it happens, it can be devastating. I began to think about the safety of dog collars when I read about an owner who made the decision to save the lives of two labs that accidentally killed each other by getting entangled in their collars.

The double ring function collar for dogs

There have been numerous cases of dogs choking themselves or hanging themselves by their collars, and these incidents even happen when you wear a broken collar. The safety of renegade dog collars can prevent these accidents, which often end tragically.

If your dog’s collar is stuck in a ball, it can get free by simply putting enough pressure on its collar. The double ring function allows you to put the leash on to trigger the tear-out function, even if your dog pulls hard.

This is a very useful collar when your dog is playing with other dogs that like to cling to your collar. The disadvantage is that if you suddenly grab the collar in an emergency, it will open and free itself from your dog’s neck. Although it can be useful, it is only of limited use and should only be used if there is an open space where you have to grab the collars.


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