Boys Live With Different Parents throughout Childhood until One Woman Gives Them a New Home

After shuffling through several foster homes for years, three teenage boys finally found a “forever home,” giving them the feeling of peace they always craved. The life-changing experience was thanks to one kindhearted woman.

The foster system has undoubtedly helped kids have a roof over their heads and find new families. However, this same system often ends up being the trigger that leads children on a downward spiral, especially after enduring the trauma of being tossed between homes all their lives.

Their traumatic experiences often lead to a build-up of anger and resentment as they grow older, eventually becoming a menace to society.

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Three teenage boys, Shantell, Chris, and Lex, who spent their childhood switching between foster homes, almost went down that path.

Thankfully, years ago, a kindhearted woman saved them by giving them a new home and family of love just when they thought it impossible to ever get adopted.

At first, the boys hardly believed their good fortune, as they had already ruled out the possibility of ever getting adopted due to their ages. But Sharon had no problem adopting teenagers and welcoming them into her family.

The same could not be said about the boys, who grew up distrusting the system, nursing insecurities, and believing their new reality too good to be true.

Hence, each of them let their pent-up resentment cloud their mind, rubbing off on their new family and manifesting in unique ways. The boys explained their slow transition in a 2019 viral YouTube video.

For Chris, who opened the clip, he admitted to feeling his new family was not a good fit for him. However, he had reservations about telling his social worker as he was fed up with being tossed around.

The second kid, Shantell, was more rebellious, getting into trouble and contemplating running away from his new family for good. However, Sharon was always on hand to see him through any difficulty and make him feel loved and accepted.

In the video, Lex admitted to being unhappy after his adoption, causing him to loathe his adoptive mom beyond measure. All the while, Sharon remained unfazed, matching all his resentment with bouts of love.

In the end, all three boys came around and began to see their mom in a new light. They realized she truly cared for them, loved them with all her heart, and would never give up on them.

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The trio eventually loosened up their defenses and embraced their new home, where they have continued thriving in love and happiness.

Seeing her decision to brave naysayers and adopt teenagers turn out well, Sharon is encouraging others looking to become adoptive parents to adopt more teens. She shared:

“I would encourage people to consider teens. There are so many teenagers in the system that are not going to have a place to come back to, that are not going to have a family to fall back on.”

A netizen’s comment on the heartwarming Youtube video | Photo:

The boys also urged more people to become bold enough to welcome teenagers into their families through adoption. Last year, Pennsylvania couple Rita Marlow and Seth Lentchner took on the challenge when

they adopted their son’s best friend, Nate.

They welcomed the 16-year-old into their home after learning that the boy had been removed from his home and needed new foster parents.

Rather than foster him, the duo decided to do something better and began the adoption process, which was finalized in November 2020. They have since lived as one happy family, with no lingering regrets.

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