Boy Sends Grandmother to the Hospital after Taking a DNA Test and Ruining Entire Family

A father and son wanted to know how much DNA they shared. They took a secret test together. The results that arrived later disclosed some unsettling secrets about the guy’s mother.

Redditor Help23andme wanted to use his birthday money on something worthwhile. That’s when he and his dad had the crazy idea of getting their DNA tested. They bought two home-based testing kits from 23andme, a DNA report generator that delivers reports through mail.

The two were eager to know their results. A few days later, the mail arrived. The Redditor rummaged through the report to find his matches. He was shocked to see his dad shared only 29.2 percent with him and was declared his half-brother. It didn’t make any sense at first.

The Original Poster (OP) claimed he and his dad had identical features. The OP was sure that the man was his father. But something felt amiss, particularly after he recalled his cousin’s match with him. He explained:

“My cousin also had taken the test a while back, and she shared 24.6 percent with me, also predicted to be my half-sibling. We’re supposed to share around 12 percent, being 1st cousins.”

The OP couldn’t understand the reliability of the results. However, he knew the results from 23andme couldn’t deceive him. He was lost in deep thought and tried to connect the missing dots between him, his cousin, and his uncle, David (name changed for obvious reasons.)

He sensed the only probability that his uncle, his cousin’s father, and dad’s brother, was his biological father. The OP couldn’t battle the reality anymore. He was enraged and decided to seek answers. He added:

“I rushed out of my room and confronted my mother downstairs. My mom is a businesswoman and is often away on business trips. She had no idea my dad and I had done one of these tests since she was away.”

He made his statement clear. The OP boldly asked his mother if she cheated on his dad with his uncle, David. His mother turned pale and muttered: “What kind of question is this? Of course not!” The OP wasn’t convinced and told her about the tests. That’s when some disturbing secrets came to light.

After hearing about the test results, the OP’s mom fell to the ground. She sobbed and begged him to keep it a secret. He lost his temper and left her to weep alone. The OP informed his cousin. Moments later, his uncle arrived. He explained:

“Dad (now uncle) then came home and stumbled into my room asking what’s wrong with mom. I told him everything too. He didn’t say anything after calming down. He left the room, and I locked the door.”

He heard his family argue vigorously. The OP’s grandparents and his aunt rushed to the scene. He could listen to them fighting outside. At a point, his dad and uncle got physical. The OP stayed inside and feared the consequences.

He was guilty of undergoing the DNA test with his birthday money. However, he felt light on knowing the truth. He was too afraid and turned to social media for advice. Several people from the online forum advised the OP to talk to his father first. User Asternon said:

“But he spent 19+ years raising OP, and likely doesn’t want to lose the rest of their time. He absolutely should talk to his father and explain that nothing will change between them because for any genuinely decent person, it will mean a hell of a lot.”

Most agreed with the user and claimed the OP’s mother and uncle were the only people at fault. They comforted him, saying that his real dad was the man who raised him, not the one who shared his genes. The OP thanked his supporters and decided to take some immediate action.

He left the room and reached out to his dad. However, a lot had happened meanwhile. His father was attending to his mother at the hospital as she had a heart attack after the incident. The OP knew his mom was still at home. He left her alone without a word more and rushed to see his grandma.

He claimed he never regretted confronting his mom and that she deserved the shock for cheating on his father.

Luckily, the gran was in a stable condition. The OP sat his dad down for a gentle conversation. First thing, the two vowed that nothing in their relationship had changed. The dad later told him about his mother’s confession.

The OP’s mother had claimed that her brother-in-law forced her. But when his dad told her he would lodge a police complaint, she slightly edited her allegations. The dad had his doubts, and that’s when his brother came over.

His uncle David told that whatever happened between them was purely consensual. He told everyone that the OP’s mother lied to save herself from shame. Meanwhile, David’s wife filed for divorce.

After reading his update, user moburkes comforted the OP, saying he needn’t feel guilty for someone else’s mistake. The person noted: “What none of us wants is for you to place and accept the blame for actions you did not initiate. The people responsible need to accept that blame and responsibility.”

Several uses sympathized with the OP’s aunt and cousin. They claimed that the truth affected them as much as it affected the OP and his dad. Some placed them in the OP’s shoes and said they would cut ties with the uncle and mother as they would likely manipulate him.

The OP and his dad stayed with his grandparents until they decided on a permanent solution. He claimed he never regretted confronting his mom and that she deserved the shock for cheating on his father. However, he said he felt sorry for telling his dad and cousin the truth and putting his family through stress.

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