Boy Excited about Being Adopted by Gay Couple Gets Bullied by His Homophobic Teacher

A little boy turned bright red when an educator berated him on the grounds of two gay men, looking to call themselves his parents legally. He was terrified that the incident would lead to him not being adopted.

In 2019, an innocent 11-year-old Daniel van Amstel was ecstatic after discovering that he would be adopted by two wonderful dads: Louis and his husband, Joshua van Amstel.

However, this all changed after a reported interaction at Deerfield Elementary School in Cedar Hills, Utah. An unnamed substitute teacher crushed the young child’s earnest eagerness.

Thanksgiving was coming up, and when this educator asked what her students were thankful for, Daniel answered that he was looking forward to being adopted by Louis and Joshua.

Sadly, some echoed the homophobia that Daniel was said to have dealt with in school.


The young boy struggled to respond to the educator. Father Louis said that Daniel’s fear of not being adopted held him back. With multiple foster homes and two failed adoptions behind him, the emotional dad said

“So he also became red at school because of — ‘I don’t want to get this teacher in trouble because if I get in trouble, my parents will not adopt me.'”

Luckily, three girls stood up for him, reporting the teacher to the principal. Reportedly, this teacher was then escorted off the premises as she allegedly continued to splurge vitriol. 

“We are not letting this go. I am so proud of Daniel’s school. Not only did they let go of the teacher, they said this woman is never going to teach in this school ever again.” 

The Tweet went viral. Since its original posting, it has gathered just over 28,000 views, around 1000 likes, and many comments so far.



The responses to this Tweet were primarily supportive, criticizing the young boy’s teacher for her claimed actions. However, sadly, some echoed the homophobia that took place n the classroom. One Twitter user penned:

“Why would these two adults want to drag a child into this and confuse him? It…will always be wrong in the sight of God.”

While this netizen used her faith to base her discriminatory remarks, many countered, stating that Christianity supports the LGBTQ+ community.

Either way, the now-adopted Daniel and his two beautiful parents continue not to let the hate get to them. Speaking about his dads, the young boy said

“It doesn’t matter what family you have. It just matters if you love them or not. And yes, I do love them.” 

As is evident, Daniel already grasped what many adults still fail to do; that true love is the only thing that matters in relationships.

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