US Woman Gives Birth to Her Granddaughter – Ultimate Gift as a Parent to Her Own Daughter

A U.S. woman decided to be her daughter and son-in-law’s surrogate following her daughter’s painful experiences of in vitro fertilization, several surgeries, and miscarriages.  The love between a mother and her child only gets deeper and more profound with time. This is one reason why parents, especially moms, would do everything they can to end … Read more

Gloria Vanderbilt Witnessed Her Son Sitting on a Balcony’s Edge Moments before His Life Ended

Gloria Vanderbilt was arguably one of the strongest women in Hollywood, having lived through her biggest tragedies, including her son’s death, and emerged unscathed. Actress Gloria Vanderbilt was no ordinary woman. At eighteen months, she became heiress to a large fortune. Before 10, she became the subject of one of the biggest custody trials of … Read more

Woman Texts Father Every Day after His Death, Gets a Response the 4th Year

Losing someone dearly close to us can be harrowing. From praying to keeping something that reminds us of them, there are many different ways we connect with our loved ones who have passed. But what if they try to connect back?  In 2019, 23-year-old Chastity Patterson shared a story that caused her to reawaken her spiritual side. … Read more

Taurus and Sagittarius Compatibility in Friendship, in Bed, Love

At first glance, Taurus and Sagittarius may feel like an odd pairing, but their ruling planets beg to differ. ICYDK, in astrology, each zodiac sign is associated with a ruling planet that governs over the sign. Taurus is ruled by sensual, pleasure-seeking Venus and Sagittarius is ruled by expansive, can’t-soak-up-enough-knowledge Jupiter. In astrology, Venus and … Read more

Child Brides: Closer Thank You Think

            Headlines are sprouting everywhere about new court cases which may endanger Roe v Wade. But abortion is not the only issue that is critical to female control of their bodies. We tend to think about child marriages as something that happens in distant third-world countries, but not in the U.S. Unfortunately, that is far from … Read more

Snoop Dogg Lost ‘Angel’ Mother Who Raised Him after Father Left — Her Cause of Death Is Unknown

Legendary rap star Snoop Dogg born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. lost his beloved mother, who was his angel. She had raised him single-handedly due to his dad’s absence. Here are details of the bitter-sweet tale enshrined in the memories they made together. No matter a mother’s age, when death comes knocking, her loving kids always … Read more

‘Savannah Smiles’ Star Bridgette Andersen Liked Making People Happy but Died Tragically in 1997

Bridgette Andersen from “Savannah Smiles” was truly an “angel” who loved making people happy onscreen and off-screen. Sadly, the young beauty died at the early age of 21, in 1997. Like many child stars, Andersen picked up a flair for acting at a young age. She was a toddler when she first appeared onscreen with great features … Read more

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’s Ray Romano’s Wife Is Mom to His 4 Kids Including Twins

American stand-up comedian Raymond Romano is a proud father of four children he shares with his lovely wife Anna Romano, with whom he has been married since 1987. Meet Anna and know more about their marriage.  Raymond Romano is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and screenwriter. He is most known for his role on the … Read more

12-Year-Old Girl Saves Her Little Sister’s Life by Outsmarting a Carjacker

When faced with a dangerous situation, many of us would be so overcome with fear that we would freeze and have no idea what to do. However, one courageous little girl used her acute intelligence to rescue her little sister from what could have been a devastating incident. During the Easter weekend of 2017, a mother, … Read more

Jane Seymour Was Homeless with $9m Debt over Ex before ‘Dr. Quinn’ & Falling for Joe Lando

Jane Seymour had some challenging life experiences before finding love with Joe Lando and her time on “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.” She was homeless for a while with a nine million dollars debt over her ex.  British-American actress Jane Seymour is one face “Dr. Quinn” fans would never forget. Years after the 1993 film, Seymour … Read more

Faye Dunaway’s Rocky Personal Life Including 2 Famous Husbands & Adoption Rumors about Only Son

The “Bonnie & Clyde” star worked with the sexiest man from the 20th century but managed to avoid affairs with them. However, her love life was bumpy and after putting the ring three times, she declares herself a “happy loner.” The legendary actress, Faye Dunaway’s fame, includes more than her iconic performances. She is also … Read more

After Her Kids Leave the House, Kerry Collects All Their Gifts and Burns Them in the Fireplace — Story of the Day

Kerry was widowed at the age of 58 and was horrified to discover that her children thought of her as old and finished. Kerry Greenday was devastated when her beloved husband Walter passed away after a brave battle against cancer that lasted 8 years. At the time of his passing, Kerry had been just 58 — still … Read more