Blind Woman Left Terrified after Rude Boy & His Mother Took Her Cane

A blind woman took it to Reddit after running into a lady at a supermarket who accused her of faking her blindness. The lady allowed her son to snatch the woman’s cane and play with it.

The 28-year-old Redditor revealed that she was not blind by birth. It happened after she volunteered at a local youth group after Hurricane Katrina hit Mississippi. 

The blindness was entirely new to her, and running into the lady at the supermarket was a traumatic experience. The lady’s sense of entitlement is what hurt the Redditor the most. 

A Redditor with the username HecateNocturne revealed that her blindness slowly progressed over several years, and she was permanently blind for a year. She explained:

“I picked up a fungal parasite called Histoplasmosis that over a decade migrated to my eyes and slowly caused blindness.”

She confessed she never left the house when she lost her vision entirely because she feared other people would judge her. She believed her transition was difficult because she didn’t join a support group. 

One day, the woman’s husband asked her to deposit a check in the bank near their house. Initially, she refused but then agreed and took a cab to the bank.

OP replied that she couldn’t afford to spend $200 on a pair of sunglasses, but the woman refused to believe her.

While depositing the check, she received a text message from her husband asking her to buy some groceries. She spotted a Walmart store across the street and decided to do the groceries by herself. 

She believed shopping alone for the first time would be a great learning experience for her. Initially, she bumped into carts and racks but then safely strolled through the supermarket using her cane. Suddenly, she felt something soft under her cane and heard a woman say:

“Hey! You just hit my son!!”

OP (Original Poster) immediately apologized to the woman and told her that she didn’t see her son. The woman asked her how she couldn’t spot a boy in front of her, to which she replied that she was blind.

Since OP didn’t wear sunglasses, it was hard to tell that she was blind. She didn’t wear them because she wanted to be treated like everyone else. The woman also believed OP had normal vision and asked:

“If you’re blind, why aren’t you wearing big sunglasses?”

OP replied that she couldn’t afford to spend $200 on a pair of sunglasses, but the woman refused to believe her. Instead, she accused her of “faking” her blindness. 

The accusation didn’t sit well with the OP because she hated it when someone called her a liar. While thinking of a good response, she felt someone pull her cane. She explained:

“I feel a tug and before I blink I realize this little demon spawn has snatched my $100 cane from my hands.”

Tears started to roll down her cheeks as she begged the woman to return her cane. Horrified, she waved her arms in front of her to hold onto something but fell on the ground. Meanwhile, the woman walked away with her son playing with OP’s cane. 

OP curled into a ball and started crying loudly. Luckily, a man came and helped her stand up. He then put the cane in her hands while comforting her.

He also helped her complete her grocery shopping and escorted her to the exit gate. OP confessed that her “faith in humanity was restored” because of the kind man.

One should never judge people on the first meeting. Some people have different needs and hidden disabilities, so one cannot accurately judge strangers. Instead, it’s important to show kindness and understanding like the man who helped the blind woman.

Other Redditors felt sorry for OP and believed the other woman was at fault. punkcircle replied that she was glad the man helped OP get up, saying:

“The bystander effect can be really awful sometimes, but as you said I’m glad there are good people left in this world.”

Another user named Khaleena788 suggested OP get a guide dog for herself, saying guide dog schools provide them for free. OP replied that she was a “poor millennial” who couldn’t afford to pay their insurance.

The user replied that OP doesn’t have to pay insurance. They believed dogs could guide blind people better than canes, and OP could save herself from getting into trouble next time. 

Most users cursed the other woman and told OP not to lose hope. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might like this one about a man who got a paternity test done on his child behind his wife’s back.

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