Bindi Irwin Reveals How She Handles Social Media

Being in the public eye from the moment you’re born is something that not many people will experience but is something that Bindi Irwin understands well. 

Irwin was born into the public eye, with her father being one of the most famous zookeepers of the early 2000s. The wildlife enthusiast brought his daughter into the world and his television show “The Crocodile Hunter.” 

Having media attention on her family from day one is something Bindi Irwin has become accustomed to but is now experiencing in a new way after starting her own family. 

Irwin has said that having media attention on her family has not always been easy, and starting her own family has placed more emphasis on her. However, she has found a way to cope with all publicity. 

She has said that she tries to stay positive in the face of criticism and even took a break from social media last year to focus on her mental health. 

“You have to be careful though. As I have learned along the way, really try not to read those bad comments, everyone faces that struggle.”

This comes after Irwin said that dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has been the hardest time in their family’s lives since her father died in 2006.

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