Betty White’s Agent Reveals Funeral Arrangements Are Being Handled Privately

After beloved actress, Betty White passed away weeks before turning 100, fans and fellow celebrities have been in deep mourning, her Hollywood star covered with flowers and photographs. 

Fans have been wondering when her funeral will be held and whether there will be a public ceremony where fans can pay their respects to the icon. 

However, her agent has confirmed that her funeral plans are being handled privately. 

It was White’s wish to have a private ceremony for her funeral because, as her agent Jeff Witjas confirmed, White never wanted anybody to make a fuss of her. She had asked that her funeral be handled privately when the time came. 

The funeral is still being planned, and there has been no mention of when it will occur. However, fans are still left wondering what they can do to honor the late comedian. 

Witjas has confirmed that because White had a deep love and passion for helping animals, fans could honor the legend by donating to organizations she was passionate about. 

White spoke about her death before it happened, saying that she was not afraid to die as her mother had a great approach to death, but she was happy to stay alive as long as possible.

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