Barbra Streisand’s Net Worth Is $415m but Her Stepson Jess Once Used to Find Food in the Trash

Despite belonging to a famous and successful family, James Brolin’s son and Barbra Streisand’s stepson, Jess Brolin, found himself homeless and searched for food in garbage cans. 

Barbra Streisand and James Brolin have a considerable estimated net worth. However, their fortune did not prevent one of Brolin’s son’s from being evicted from his apartment in 2011. 

James Brolin, a very successful actor known for his TV roles as “Marcus Welby, MD” and “Hotel,” has three children. Brolin had his offspring, Josh, Jess, and Molly, with two different women. 

He shares his two sons, Josh and Jess, with his late ex-wife, Jane Cameron Agee. Additionally, he welcomed his daughter Molly with his second wife, Jan Smithers. 

Brolin is now married to legendary singer and actress Barbra Streisand. Streisand’s estimated net worth is over $400M according to Forbes. The couple has been married since 1998 and lives a wonderful life together. 

His son Josh followed in his footsteps and made a name for himself as a talented actor in Hollywood. He is most known for his role as Thanos in the Marvel Universe movies but has many film credits to his name. 

Most recently, Josh showed off his acting talents in the 2021 film “Dune” and played Gurney Halleck’s character. The movie came out at the end of October 2021. 

According to SFGATE, the “No Country For Old Men” actor and his wife Kathryn purchased a $3.25 million spacious mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, last year. 

Despite the family’s success, one member had reportedly struggled financially throughout the years. Jess, who is not an actor, was seemingly homeless for some time during 2014.

Jess Brolin is the second child of Brolin and Agee. After his mother passed away from a car accident in 1995, he inherited a six-figure trust fund and seemed to be doing okay. 

According to The Mirror, Jess’s life dramatically changed in May 2011, when he was evicted from his $500 a month apartment and did not accept help from his famous family. 

Furthermore, the outlet stated that Jess was sleeping on the streets of Ojai, a city in California about 80 miles from his father and Streisand’s Malibu mansion in 2014.

Jess reportedly spent his time sitting on park benches or hunting for food. At the time, an alleged close source to Streisand’s stepson said of his sleeping arrangements:

“He will sometimes be sleeping in a field behind shops, basically ­wherever he can bed down.”

The source stated that it was impossible to recognize that Jess was a part of one of the most successful families in Hollywood, especially when looking at his life and his living conditions.

Furthermore, the outlet stated that the Brolin’s were “powerless to change” Jess’s situation. According to The Mirror, a family spokesperson said they had offered help and only wanted the best for him. 

When The Mirror’s article about Jess’s apparent homeless made headlines, many outlets jumped on the bandwagon and reported on his situation. 

However, shortly after the story broke, the Daily News, who admitted to posting the story too, reported details of the story were “erroneous” as a representative of the family told the outlet:

“Contrary to what has been erroneously reported, Jess is gainfully employed and supports himself.”

Furthermore, the rep stated that if Jess were in any financial struggles or stress, his family and friends would support him and be there for him no matter the circumstances. 

The representative also addressed photos of Jess allegedly digging in a trash bin in Ojai, California. They told the outlet that Jess was retrieving a bottle he had thrown away to recycle it properly. 

The most recent news of Jess and his personal life came from a Parade article in 2021. Brolin revealed his son lived in a mountain town, helped with a charity organization, and was very happy in the article. 

It’s hard to know what Jess had been up to with his life, as, unlike his famous family, he does not seem to have social media and lives a life out of the spotlight. 

His older brother has shared a few snaps of him on Instagram, including a photo of the two at their sister’s wedding in 2017. He also shared a picture of Jess and his nephew in Templeton, California, in 2016. 

Streisand married Jess’ father in 1998, 35 years after her marriage with Elliot Gould ended in divorce. Their wedding took place at her Malibu estate and had an A-list guest list. 

The couple dated for two years after meeting on a blind date set up by Jon Peter’s ex-wife. Streisand once shared her surprise at seeing Brolin on their first date as she said:

“I met him at a dinner and expected a bearded mountain-man type, and he had cut off all his hair and was clean-shaven. I asked him, “Who screwed up your hair?” 

The “Funny Girl” actress explained that later, Brolin revealed he had fallen in love with her at that moment. He said he admired her honesty, which according to Streisand, was unusual for most men. 

Streisand and Brolin have been married for 25 years and seem to be as madly in love as ever. In 2016, Streisand expressed the pride she had for their two-decade relationship. 

While celebrating the 20th anniversary of the day they first met, Streisand joked to Extra about their marriage. She said, “Twenty years in Hollywood is like 50 years in Chicago.”

She also revealed that she and Brolin were able to keep their relationship strong by being kind to each other. She further explained it was essential to be honest while being compassionate. 

Furthermore, if being kind does not work, Streisand and Brolin seek the help of a therapist through marriage counseling. Brolin once revealed he believes in counseling if anyone has a problem in their marriage.

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