Aussie OnlyFans star buys investment property for young children

OnlyFans star Lucy Banks; Modern houses on suburban street

OnlyFans star Lucy Banks purchased the property together with her earnings from the adults-only platform. (Supply: Provided/Getty)

As OnlyFans creators proceed to rake in billions every year, one Aussie mum determined to make use of her newfound fortune to get her children onto the true property property ladder.

Australian OnlyFans star Lucy Banks revealed that somewhat than forking out on luxurious objects, she purchased an investment property for her primary-school-aged children.

“I’ve just bought an investment property for, and with, my children, and they’re not even 10 years old,” Banks stated.

Banks joined OnlyFans in 2019 and is at the moment incomes $2,500 per day on the platform, which predominantly provides subscribers pornographic content material.

“Buying a property is such a huge hurdle. There is no way I could have bought a property as a single mother without OnlyFans,” she said.

Kids join property ladder

Banks explained that when she bought her first property 10 months ago, her kids immediately wanted to know how they could get involved in the venture.

Each of her children insisted on giving her $100 to “make investments” in the property, which they had saved from birthdays and doing chores around the house.

“My two children each gave me $100 every to ‘make investments’ on this new home; as soon as we’ve tenants in it, they’re going to each obtain $5.50 every per week,” she said.

The Perth single mum said she hadn’t considered allowing her kids to invest in the property until her eldest son suggested it.

“My eldest got here up with the thought, and my youngest adopted,” Banks said.

“It by no means even crossed my thoughts to incorporate the youngsters in shopping for investment properties. However my eldest son is so excited and is consistently speaking to me about the best way to maximise their investment.”

Her kids also calculated that by the time they were adults, they would have enough Money from the initial $100 deposit to buy their own properties.

OnlyFans cash boom

OnlyFans content creators earned $3.86 billion in 2021, an increase of 115 per cent from the previous year – meaning creators earned more than $8 billion on the platform since its 2016 founding.

While Banks understands many people may judge her for her career choice, she is grateful to be able to provide a life for her boys in which they won’t want for anything.

“My boys will not be receiving hand-outs or belief funds – however I’ll put them by one of the best faculties and I’ll Help them be financially sensible. The remainder is as much as them,” she said.

However, Banks jokes her kids are still kids and will often spend their Money on games and sweets.

“In addition they make typical child decisions, like spending Money on Robux and candies. However finally, they’re conservative with saving the Money they’ve earned.”

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