At Her Husband’s Funeral, Woman Leans to Kiss Him for the Last Time and Sees Him Blinking — Story of the Day

A grieving wife is bidding her final farewell to her young dead husband with a kiss when he surprises her by blinking.

Jenny Lambert was making cookies with her three-year-old daughter May on a Sunday afternoon when the phone rang. May giggled as she watch her mom try to wipe the flour off her hands before she picked up her cell phone.

Jenny saw it was her husband Dean calling, so she swiped and cried, “Hey there Mr. Sexy Daddy, when are you coming home? We have cookies in the oven…” But the voice on the other side wasn’t Dean’s and the words she heard drove her to her knees.

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“Jenny?” a man’s voice said on the other side. “Jenny, it’s Bill. Honey, something’s happened to Dean…”

“Bill?” Jenny cried and felt her heart constricted by a giant’s brutal hand. “What? What’s happened? Is Dean hurt?”

“No, honey,” said Dean’s best friend gently. “I’m sorry, Jenny, Dean is dead.” 

“No!” Jenny screamed. “Stop it, Bill! This is a BAD JOKE! Stop! Stop!”

Jenny was baking cookies with her daughter when the phone rang | Source: Unsplash

On the other side, Bill, big burly Bill who’d grown up with Dean, started sobbing. “I’m sorry honey…I’m so sorry…”

Jenny called her mother sobbing, and asked her to come to take care of May, then she drove to meet Bill at the coroner’s office in the small town near which the men had been enjoying a fishing weekend.

Jenny trembled, Bill’s arm around her shoulders as the coroner drew back the white sheet to expose Dean’s cold, pale face. “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Lambert, from what I can ascertain it was a massive heart attack, and your husband died instantly…However, I do recommend you have an autopsy performed by the Denver pathologist…”

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“No,” cried Jenny. “No one is going to hack him up. Leave him alone!”

The coroner nodded understandingly. “In that case, Mrs. Lambert, I will issue a death certificate, so you can proceed with the funeral.”

Jenny nodded. “Yes, I will call the funeral home that took care of my father. Dean wanted to be cremated. I want everything to be as he would have wanted it.”

The next afternoon, Jenny, her mother, Dean’s family, and their many friends came to pay their last tribute to the exuberant, energetic young man they had all loved.

Dean had gone fishing with his beat friend and had a heart attack | Source: Unsplash

Jenny had asked the funeral director to leave the casket open so they could all say their final goodbyes. One by one, the mourners approached the casket, spoke their last words, said their prayers.

The priest walked up to the lectern and spoke movingly about Dean. “Even though our hearts are broken by his loss, let’s remember him through his beautiful daughter. Let us rejoice that even though Dean has left this world, he is now in God’s loving hands.”

Life isn’t constant, and all we can rely on is our faith.

Jenny sobbed, and anger boiled inside her. She whispered harshly to her mother, “God! If there was a God Dean would be home right now, not lying in that box. God! God has left my baby fatherless!”

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Jenny’s mother tried to hush her as Bill stood up to talk about Dean. “Dean and I grew up together. I loved that man, and there was nothing I wouldn’t do for him.” Bill raised wet eyes to Jenny. “I wish it was me that had died, I wish I could have been the one. Not Dean.”

After the last epitaph had been given, the funeral director advanced with his assistant to wheel Dean’s casket away, but Jenny jumped to her feet. “Wait!” she cried. “Please wait!”

Jenny walked up to the casket and leaned over to caress Dean’s face tenderly. Then she gently kissed his lips — her final kiss when she ought by rights to have a lifetime with the love of her life.

As she looked down at Dean one last time, Jenny saw something incredible. Dean blinked. I’m mad, Jenny thought, I want him back so much I’m having hallucinations…

Jenny was stunned when she saw Dean blink | Source: Pexels

But then Dean’s eyelids fluttered again and Jenny screamed, “He’s alive! Oh my God! Call 911!”

The funeral director, who thought Jenny was imagining it all in her grief stepped forward and saw Dean’s eyes open. He immediately turned to his assistant and ordered him to call 911, find a doctor, anything!

Dean was transferred from his casket to the ambulance and taken to the hospital. Doctors confirmed that Dean was indeed alive, but that something had plunged him into a deep coma, so deep that the coroner had believed him to be dead.

After several tests, they concluded that Dean must have been stung by a bee and had a violent allergic reaction to the venom — so violent that he had appeared to be dead.

A bee sting had nearly claimed Dean’s life | Source: Unsplash

Fortunately for Dean, Jenny had refused an autopsy or a traditional funeral for which he would have been subjected to an embalming process. Under medical care, he recovered fully from his horrific experience.

Within days, he was back home and as lively as ever, but Jenny never forgot her anguish and the horror of seeing him laid out in his coffin. For Jenny, it was a miracle, a second chance given to their family by a compassionate God.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Life isn’t constant, and all we can rely on is our faith. Jenny found herself suddenly widowed and was on the verge of denying God when a miracle happened.
  • Second chances are rare, so cherish the love you have right now. Jenny and Dean passed through a horrific ordeal but it strengthened their love and their faith in God.

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