Arrogant School Bus Driver Drops off All Kids at the Bus Stop except Two

A mom has the nightmare of her life at the bus stop after the school bus driver drops all the kids and mysteriously hurries away with her two kids still on board.

Parents often trust that one school bus driver they’ve barely met—or never met—would safely drive their kids around in a huge yellow vehicle. But what if that trust is broken most horrifyingly?

Posting her story on Reddit’s popular subreddit known for seeking judgments based on one’s actions, one mom outlined what “imperfect” looks like in the world of arrogant school bus drivers. 

A school bus driver drops off all kids except two at the destined stop | Photo: Shutterstock

Redditor fjeofnap had two school-aged children who took their school bus daily from home to school and vice versa. During admission, the Original Poster (OP) had signed a paper stating she didn’t want her kids to be dropped off in her absence.

And so, the first week of the school commenced. The school bus driver dropped off OP’s children half a mile away from their home without the mom being present. 

Not only did the driver arrive around 15 minutes earlier than the stipulated schedule, but she left the kids to drench in the rain.

The bus driver dropped off the kids 15 minutes earlier on a rainy day | Photo: Unsplash

When OP got there, she saw at least ten other children, mostly kindergarten and 1st-graders at the stop soaking wet. The kids looked terrified too. OP thought the driver would mend her ways, but the next big shock arrived the following week.

This time, the driver arrived around 20 minutes later than usual. OP assumed she’d missed the bus and immediately called the bus depot to check out the bus’s location. 

The mom’s heart pounded as she stormed back to her house.

The personnel informed her that the bus should’ve already arrived and gone. Adding to her horror, the driver hadn’t recorded her location and never answered the radio. The mom had her fears, but then the bus showed up. 

The mom contacted the bus depot as the bus was unusually delayed | Photo: Pexels

When she asked her kids about the delay, they told her that the driver was furious with a student who fell off her seat when the bus made a sharp turn at a corner during the ride. 

Annoyed by this, the driver halted the bus and sat on the roadside for 15 minutes, refusing to leave until the kids smartened up. 

OP was shocked but still decided to give the driver a little more time to smarten up herself. To her dismay, another upsetting incident the following week forced her to change her mind and immediately report the woman.

The driver parked the bus by the roadside to reprimand the children instead of driving them home | Photo: Unsplash

At the time, OP had walked with her 4-year-old to the bus stop to fetch her kids thinking it was a pleasant day. She saw the bus from a distance and her children point to her from the window and marched towards the bus. 

But to her surprise, the driver dropped off all the children, except her two kids, and sped off. The mom’s heart pounded as she stormed back to her house. She drove six miles to the school to pick up her children as the driver wouldn’t turn around. 

The driver later told OP that she didn’t see her standing there, which was an apparent lie. Smitten by spite, the mom-of-two decided to report her and got her suspended with no pay. However, OP’s actions backfired and made her doubt her decision.

OP marched towards the stop after seeing her children in the bus | Photo: Pexels

OP’s mother-in-law condemned her, saying she was being overdramatic and that she should be thankful her children enjoyed transportation, unlike olden days where kids were regarded as lucky to ride a school bus. 

OP began to doubt her actions and turned to Reddit for opinions if she was justified. Her story amassed over 12K upvotes, with the people online flooding her post with incredible responses. 

The mom doubted her decision & turned to social media for opinions | Photo: Pexels

“I would have called the cops to report a kidnapping. But I’m petty and quite vindictive,” user Robot941 wrote

Meanwhile, Redditor FrnchsLwyr commented in OP’s favor and said the driver should’ve been fired instead. The user vented, saying:

“This woman has no business driving a school bus if she’s leaving children alone in the rain, driving erratically, yelling at students, or sitting on the side of the road when she’s supposed to be dropping kids off.”

“She drove off with OP’s kids when she KNEW she was there to pick them up. That is kidnapping. If it isn’t, it should be,” Redditor HeyYouShouldSmile stated.

People online sided with OP, saying they’d call the cops to report kidnapping | Photo: Unsplash

While several people online sided with OP and deemed her faultless, the mom couldn’t get over the damage she’d done to the driver. 

“I didn’t mean to get her suspended, but either way, I was tired of her behavior,” she concluded

Yet, several people comforted her that she didn’t get the woman suspended, but “her erratic behavior” did.

The driver was suspended with no pay | Photo: Pixabay

Do you think the driver stopped the bus by the roadside to try and get the children to behave?

Some people online said it’s pretty usual for bus drivers to halt the bus to try and get kids who won’t stay seated to behave. However, as per OP’s story, the driver stopped the bus despite knowing a student fell off her seat while taking a sharp corner. Some even said that she didn’t deserve to work with kids if she couldn’t control her temper. If you were the mom, would you still justify the driver delaying the schedule?

Do you think the driver drove the bus faster than she should, particularly on a rainy day?

OP mentioned the driver arrived around 15 minutes earlier than the schedule and dropped off the kids in the rain. Some people suggested that she may have driven faster than she should that day. Others argued that her speedy driving could’ve also led to the child falling off their seats and raised eyebrows if this had been her regular driving style. Is it okay for school bus drivers to drive faster than they should? While many online said it’s not acceptable, do you agree with them? 

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