Andrea Bocelli’s Mother Protectively Ignored Medical Advice and Gave Birth to Him

Andrea Bocelli was almost never born as his mother had issues while he was in her womb. However, she wanted him so much that she ignored all the warnings and gave the world a talented musician!

During a November 2011 The Telegraph interview, Andrea Bocelli spoke to the camera about how his mother, Edi Bocelli, fought to keep him. He revealed his mother was a young woman when was pregnant with him.

She was admitted to a hospital and misdiagnosed with appendicitis. Andrea was almost not born because doctors took tests and advised Edi to abort. They anticipated the baby would come into the world with some disability.

Andrea Bocelli at “Che Tempo Che Fa” tv show at Rai Milan Studios on December 1, 2019, in Milan, Italy, and him with his mother Edi in an Instagram image uploaded on May 9, 2021 | Photos: Pietro D’aprano/Getty Images & Instagram/andreabocelliofficial


However, Alessandro’s young wife refused to terminate her pregnancy and carried Andrea to term. In June 2010, in an article for The Guardian, Andrea’s spokesman delved into the star’s mother’s misdiagnosis by her doctors.

The representative said Edi had received “odd treatment” because of the mistaken diagnosis of the vocalist’s mother. The spokesman believed doctors feared repercussions for the treatment they’d carried out on Edi.

Andrea Bocelli performs at his Easter concert at the Duomo on April 12, 2020, in Milan, Italy | Photo: Luca Rossetti/Courtesy Sugar SRL/DECCA Records/Getty Images


They allegedly worried the treatment had jeopardized Edi’s fetus. Miraculously, Andrea was welcomed on September 22, 1958, when abortion was illegal in his home country of Italy.

However, mothers were allowed to abort in cases where their lives were in danger or there was the possibility of severe fetal deformity. Despite being illegal, the practice frequently occurred in the country.

The future opera singer sadly suffered from glaucoma since birth. He was also born with a congenital condition that caused Andrea partial blindness, and at eight months, he had his first eye operation.

Edi once revealed that her son only stopped crying when a Russian child played a classical record during his operation visit. Sadly, the future star’s health issues weren’t over as the worst was yet to come.

Andrea was able to see colors and light with his right eye, but that changed when he was 12. While taking part in a fun soccer game, the ball violently hit his right eye, the only good one left, and that was the final blow to his eyesight.

He suffered a brain hemorrhage from the incident, and doctors tried saving his sight by using leeches. The little boy completely lost his eyesight and had to learn now how to live as a fully blind person.

During an October 2010 The Telegraph interview, Andrea shared a trick his mother learned to comfort him when he was five and struggling with his glaucoma. Edi would play classical music on the record player to soothe him.

After losing his sight, Andrea learned Braille and used it to learn music. He played the piano since age six and started taking saxophone and flute lessons at age seven, but he became well known for his voice.

Since becoming famous, Andrea has often praised his mother’s resolve and strength. On May 9, 2021, the artist honored Edi on Mother’s Day with a touching post where he noted how saying “thank you” to her was ineffective and worthless.

In a 2019 The Big Issue interview, the singer [Andrea Bocelli] said he owed his parents a lot.

Instead, the star also shared a tribute video to Edi and shared the lyrics for the song he’d dedicated to her called “Mamma.” Below the post, he lovingly wrote the following heartfelt and touching words:

“The first word we learn how to say, the first sound to mean something, as if we see in her the heart and the secret of life itself from the start of our earthly adventure: mom!”

Andrea also noted how he thought of Edi and all mothers affectionately, noting their unbelievably unbreakable strength. In a 2019 The Big Issue interview, the singer said he owed his parents a lot.

He said both his parents helped mold his character and gave him an education that has become invaluable. One of the valuable teachings he learned was that one should remain determined and never give up, referencing how Alessandro and Edi fought to have him. 

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