Airline Ticket Agent Saves Two Girls from Potentially Being Traded by Trusting Her Intuition

An airline agent started to feel uneasy while dealing with two girls so she decided to take action. Her intuition saved the youngsters from a suspected human trafficking plot. 

In 2018, Denice Miracle’s observant nature led her to grow suspicious of two ticketholders. Instead of turning a blind eye, she dug deeper and what she uncovered was life-changing. 

The American Airlines agent who works in California stopped two girls, aged 15 and 17, from boarding a flight intended to take them across the country. There were a few red flags that alerted Miracle to take action.

Miracle noticed that the girls were unaccompanied, had no form of identification, and only had a one-way first-class ticket with them. The agent expressed that “it just didn’t feel right.”

The employee had been working in a customer-related field for close to 30 years. This experience came in handy when she was dealing with the girls. Miracle knew that it was not normal for young girls to travel so far all alone.


The agent noticed that one of the girls was texting someone to get the information that they needed. At first, Miracle suspected they might be running from their homes. However, when the tickets were flagged for possible fraud, she acted. 

The agent alerted the girls about the issue with their flight tickets. Miracle told them to wait while she sorted it out. This allowed her to contact the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Airport Bureau.


After gathering some information, authorities discovered that the girls were in contact with someone they met on social media. “Drey” promised the girls $2,000 if they flew to New York and helped him with modeling and music videos. 

The girls were shocked when they learned their tickets were booked one way. When authorities tried to speak to “Drey,” he deleted his social media accounts. 


Sacramento County Sheriff’s Sergeant Scott Swisher revealed that they were investigating a case of suspected child trafficking. Swisher stated that the man who contacted them used an untraceable number.

The girls were lucky to escape the scenario unharmed, all thanks to the instinct of an airline agent. American Airlines general manager Aleka Turner expressed that she was proud of Miracle.

A mother of one of the girls contacted Miracle online and shared that there were no words sufficient to thank the agent for what she did. The mother said:

Because of you, my daughter is home safe

with her family where she is loved and belongs.”

Miracle was touched by the response and was glad to have stopped the suspected trafficking. Many vulnerable girls are trafficked daily. Thanks to Miracle, these two youngsters were saved from a similar fate. 

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