After Death of Father with Disability, Children Who Skipped the Funeral Demand Inheritance

A mother pleaded with her two adult children to attend their disabled father’s funeral. The children refused and later reached out to claim their share from his inheritance.

A mom of two took to Reddit to reveal why she didn’t want to give a dime from her husband’s inheritance to her adult children. No sooner did her post go viral, and several people offered their unwavering support to her. 

Redditor conflictedandsad1 was happily married to her husband of ten years, John. The couple had two children, Kate and Luke, and life seemed at its best. But one tragic incident overturned the family.

A disabled man’s children skipped his funeral | Photo: Getty Images

John met with an accident while driving his parents to the airport. He lost his parents, and after spending a tumultuous eight months in the hospital, he lost his right leg.

He was never the same after the tragedy. The collective loss of both his parents and his career ruined him. The Original Poster (OP) and John stayed together for another year, assuming everything would get back to normal.

However, nothing worked, not even therapy and support programs. In the end, John decided he couldn’t be a good husband and filed for divorce.

John and OP ended their marriage | Photo: Pexels

Around 15 years passed, and he tried his best to be a good father. Despite being disabled, he wanted his children to know they had his support.

OP was granted full custody of their children, but they were still allowed to meet John during weekends. However, Kate and Luke soon pushed John off their radar after OP remarried her current partner, Ben.

The children loved Ben and eventually stopped seeing their birth father. OP tried to put them on track with John again but in vain.

Despite being disabled, John tried his best to be a good father | Photo: Pexels

The children accepted Ben as an amazing stepfather and completely cut off John from their lives as they got older. Nothing changed their mind, not even the news of John’s death.

In fact, OP was shocked by her children’s reaction to her ex’s death. She and her children were all John had in his life, and she wanted them to be there on his final journey to the grave.

To her surprise, both Kate and Luke had random excuses and didn’t show up at John’s funeral. OP was disheartened, recounting how much he had done for both of them. 

OP’s children refused to attend John’s funeral | Photo: Pexels

Around two weeks later, Kate reached out to OP to inquire about their inheritance from their father. OP was enraged and hung up on her.

She later invited her children for a small talk and told them John had willed around $60K worth of fortune in her name, but neither of them deserved the money due to their ignorance towards him.

Some people asked OP if she tried to find out why her children cut off John from their lives. 

Kate and Luke were upset and even argued with her, hoping to convince her. But the mom was determined not to give in to them and turned to social media for advice.

OP decided not to give a dime from John’s wealth to her children | Photo: Pexels

Several people from the subreddit, who post their situations to receive judgment quickly, said OP was faultless. Among them was Redditor mpurdey12, who sided with the mom, stating:

“I think that if John had really wanted your kids to have that money, he would have said so in his will, instead of leaving it all to you.”

User TOGTFO agreed and said John trusted OP to do the right thing after his passing and that the children deserved nothing from her perspective. “They gave up on him and didn’t even go to his funeral. If they had done the bare minimum and turned up, I bet OP would have given them money,” the user wrote.

Ben comforted OP while she broke down, recalling the good things John did for her children | Photo: Pexels

Some people asked OP if she tried to find out why her children cut off John from their lives. OP said that she spoke to them and found out they liked hanging around with Ben because he was more supportive than John. She also disclosed that John made her the sole inheritor of his wealth and asked her to give it to the children as she saw fit. 

“Under these circumstances, I see the number 0 to be fit,” OP stated and decided to donate all the inheritance to the rehabilitation program that supported John years ago. 

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