Adoptee Writes a Powerful Letter to Her Birth Mom

After being abandoned on the side of a bridge and being adopted by an American family, a Chinese woman decided to pour out her heart in a letter to her birth mother. Here is what she wrote.

When she was only five months old, a Chinese model, Kira Omans, was abandoned on the side of a bridge by her birth mother. Luckily for little Omans, she was picked up and placed in an orphanage where she had a chance at a happy life.

At ten months old, the Chinese native finally found a home. She was adopted by an American family and eventually moved to Washington, D.C. 

Kira Omans as a little girl, with her family [left] Kira Omans in a portriat [right]| Photo:

Omans’ adoptive parents had struggled to have a child for many years, all to no avail. After multiple trials, the couple opted for adoption. They wrote applications and underwent interviews before flying to China to meet their new adopted family. 

At first, the model was uncomfortable around her new family, but she warmed up to them with time. Omans received all the love she could get from her funny, kind, smart, and incredible parents. 

They often attended cultural festivals, and during one of the festivals, the young lady showed off her dancing skills during a Fairfax Chinese Dance Troupe performance.

After seeing her showcase her talent, Omans’ adoptive mother placed her in a dancing class where she rehearsed continuously. 

Omans said she thought she was abandoned because her mother did not love her.

With time, she became an expert and eventually pursued her dreams in the modeling industry, becoming a beauty queen. Several years after she was abandoned and adopted, Omans decided to write a lengthy letter to her birth mother, expressing her feelings about the woman’s decision to abandon her.

She wrote, “The last time you saw me, you left me on the side of the bridge… did you wait until a stranger found me, or did you rush to leave, eager to forget? Was I asleep or did I cry? If I was anything like I am today, I probably cried.” Omans further wrote,

“I grew up to be pretty sensitive, so I cry at most things. Like videos of soldiers coming home to surprise their kids. And Christmas songs. And Pixar movies. Especially Coco. Did you cry?”

Further into the letter, Omans said she thought she was abandoned because her mother did not love her, but she finally realized that the woman broke her own heart because she loved Omans. Omans hoped that her biological mother would read the letter, but the chances were very slim.

She thanked the woman for always being a part of her in her final words. In a similar story, an adoptee, Dana Mason Wormer, wrote about her experiences as an adopted child. Firstly, she penned down a message to her birth mother, expressing her love towards the woman. 

Wormer appreciated the efforts of her biological mother for keeping her safe throughout the pregnancy and eventually giving her away to find a new family.

To her adoptive parents, Wormer was grateful for all their sacrifices to ensure that life turned out well. Lastly, she noted that she was “adopted” and “lucky.”

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