Adopted Girl Loses Special Teddy Bear, a Year Later They Are Reunited

A little girl finally found her “happily ever after” in the guise of her favorite teddy bear following months of separation. The reunion was all thanks to her parents’ search efforts.

Last year, little Naomi Pascal went on a hiking adventure with her family to the Hidden Lake Trail in Glacier National Park. However, what was supposed to be a fun family vacation ended up a disaster for the youngster who lost her favorite toy during the trip.

While losing a teddy bear may seem negligible to many, it sadly wasn’t so for Naomi, who deemed hers irreplaceable.

The tot, who was adopted by the Pascals in 2016 from an Ethiopian orphanage, had a special attachment to the stuffed animal, as it was the first present her new parents ever gave her. 

Addie Pascal, Naomi’s mom, also confirmed it was the first toy the girl ever had, making it all the more special. The girl only realized her symbolic bear was missing after the family made it back home.

The family ransacked their property in search of the animal, to no avail, leaving the little girl distraught. But all hope was not lost.

Miles away, Glacier National Park ranger Tom Mazzarisi was making his usual patrol rounds around the park after a big snowstorm when he came across a foreign object. It was a little teddy bear half-buried under the melting snow, lying a little bit off the trail.

The ranger retrieved the teddy and placed it in the dashboard of his patrol vehicle, making it an unofficial mascot. For almost a year, the stuffed animal sat upright in his spot, looking out the front windshield and assisting in patrol duties in his own way.

Meanwhile, the Pascals continued the search for the missing bear, taking to social media to implore everyone to help find Teddy. In a Facebook post, Addie explained the special significance of the stuffed animal to their daughter. She wrote:

“He’s been by her side for so many milestones. But there are many more adventures to be had. If you happen to hike Hidden Lake this summer, or know someone who does, keep an eye out for Teddy.”

The mom established that nothing would make their daughter happier than reuniting with her special furry friend. Sure enough, the long-anticipated reunion finally came.

In October, a family friend went hiking at the Glacier National Park when they spotted Teddy sitting on a patrol car’s dashboard. After sending the picture to Addie, the mom confirmed it was indeed their daughter’s long-lost companion.

After reaching out to the kind ranger, he willingly agreed to reunite his furry friend with his rightful owner. He express-mailed the bear to the Pascals’ family home in Jackson, Wyoming, where he finally landed in the warm embrace of his little friend. Recalling the beautiful moment, Adie said:

“You got just like a little bit excited I think, just like a tiny bit excited, she was like jumping up and down, she was so excited.”

Mazzarisi was more than happy to have played a part in making the emotional moment possible and only hoped to meet the little girl in person someday and have a special Teddy reunion in Glacier National park.

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