A Year after Her Grandson Dies, Old Lady Hears Voice Saying ‘Granny, Let Me In’ in Empty Room — Story of the Day

Edith Hendrickson couldn’t believe her ears when she heard the voice of her 5-year-old grandson Jeremy, who had died in a terrible car accident. She initially assumed she was hallucinating because of her advanced age, but the reality was quite different from what she’d thought.

Edith lived all alone after her daughter, Monica, and grandson, Jemery, died in a terrible car accident. Monica had raised Jeremy on her own after fleeing her abusive husband, Nick, and had applied for divorce soon after. 

However, Nick was not ready to give up on his son, and he fought with Monica for Jeremy’s custody. When Monica eventually won the trial and gained custody of their son, Nick was enraged and attempted to abduct the child.

However, after the cops warned Nick that he could be imprisoned for a long time for such actions, he began to withdraw from Monica and Jeremy. But everything changed after Monica and Jeremy died.

Nick went back to Edith’s house to handle the funeral arrangements and to take care of her. Edith was initially skeptical of him acting nice, but Nick’s concern and how he looked after her changed her mind over time.

Sometimes a terrible loss changes you completely, Edith reasoned. However, as time went on, Nick found it hard to look after her all the time. So he eventually moved her to a retirement home and visited her from time to time.

One evening, about a year after Jeremy’s death, Edith was asleep in her room when she heard her grandson’s voice. “Grandma! It’s me, Jeremy. Please, let me in!” 

Edith woke up from her sleep in a state of shock. Is that really you, Jeremy? She wiped her sweat-drenched brow and looked around the room, which was mostly empty except for her and a photograph of Monica and Jeremy. Ahh! Edith, you’ve gotten old! Finally, the passage of time has taken its toll on you. She went back to sleep, thinking to herself.

However, as she closed her eyes and dozed off for a minute, she heard the voice again, “Grandma. Why are you not letting me in? It’s me, Jeremy! Have you forgotten about me?” This time, Edith got out of bed and looked around the room. She also went to the window, but there was no one outside.

Convinced it was all in her head, she took a sleeping pill and went back to sleep. But the next day, it happened again. “Grandma! Let me in!” Jeremy said from the window of her room. 

When Edith finally saw Jeremy outside the window, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She froze in disbelief. “Honey, oh my gosh! That is, in fact, you! How can you be here? What exactly happened to you? And why do you appear so frail?” 

“Grandma!” the kid sobbed. “Please help me! Dad threatened to kill me if I told you anything. But I need your help!”

“Don’t worry, honey. Grandma will help you,” Edith assured him. “Wait a minute; I’ll open the door. Come in, and we’ll call the cops.”

“No, grandma, I don’t have enough time. Dad is looking for me. Listen to me carefully. There’s a warehouse located a short distance from this place. Dad has kept me there. I haven’t eaten in days. Dad doesn’t always come to the warehouse, so I have to live alone. It’s terrifying, Grandma. Please come as soon as you can!” the boy said and disappeared.

“No, Jeremy, hold on! Jeremy! I’m going to save you, honey.” Edith assured him. But just then, nurse Anne burst into her room. “Wake up, Mrs. Hendrickson. Are you listening to me? It’s just a dream!”

Edith was unconscious and sweating profusely. When she awoke, her body was trembling, and her eyes were welling up with tears. “Are you all right, Mrs. Hendrickson?” Anne inquired, concerned. “You fainted while shouting your grandson’s name.”

“I need to go somewhere, Anne,” Edith said as she prepared to leave. “Jeremy requires my help. I have to leave right now!”

“Please, Mrs. Hendrickson, calm down. It was a nightmare. Your grandson died a year ago.”

“No, Anne! I have a feeling Jeremy is alive and needs my help. I can’t stay calm until I find out for myself. Tell me one thing, is there a warehouse nearby?”

Anne’s eyes widened. “Well, yes, there is. But how did you know? You’ve never left this place before, and the warehouse is a few kilometers away. It closed a few years ago and is now up for sale.”

“Call the cops, Anne,” Edith said emphatically. “We’re leaving right now!”

“But Mrs. Hendrickson, it’s been abandoned for years now. I don’t…” Before Anne could complete her sentence, Edith cut her off.

“You can choose not to come. But I am going. Give me the phone.” She snatched the phone from Anne’s grasp and dialed 911.

The officers, like Anne, were hesitant when they learned Edith’s suspicions about the abandoned warehouse, but when the older woman persisted, they eventually caved. “Fine, ma’am,” Officer Anderson said. “We’ll be there, but I don’t believe your grandson will.”

“We can’t say that without checking the place, officer,” Edith said. “I’m getting ready to leave right now. I hope to see you soon,” and hung up the phone.

Officer Anderson and his team arrived to find the entire area precisely as he had imagined. The place was covered in old ruins, and there wasn’t a single soul in sight. The warehouse door had a huge rusty lock that appeared to have been cleaned years ago.

“I told you, ma’am, we wouldn’t find anyone here,” Officer Anderson said. “We came in and checked everything. We’re leaving now.”

“You haven’t opened the door yet, officer,” Edith pointed out.

“The lock appears to be quite old, ma’am,” Officer Anderson commented. “And I don’t believe a child will be kept there. However, without that, the inspection is incomplete. So we’ll have to look inside.”

Tired of explaining to Edith, officer Anderson and his team finally broke the lock. But when the door creaked open, they couldn’t believe their eyes. 

Inside, little Jeremy was unconscious, his hands and feet bound with ropes. The boy’s face had turned pale, and he appeared frail.

Officer Anderson rushed the boy to the hospital, and when he awoke, he told them the entire story of Nick holding him captive. Based on Jeremy’s statement, the police tracked Nick down and arrested him.

It turns out, before her death, Monica had stipulated in her will that all of her insurance proceeds be transferred to her son when he reached the age of 18. That wouldn’t be possible until Monica was out of the way, so Nick staged the whole accident. 

But unfortunately, both Monica and Jeremy survived the accident. And that was not what Nick wanted. So after he took Jeremy out of the car, he set it on fire with Monica inside, and the poor woman met a painful death.

After almost everything had been completely burned, Nick placed another body in the car, making it appear that both the mother and son had died. And to establish his innocence, Nick went to Edith’s house after the accident, pretending to be a sad father who came to repent for his sins.

Everything seemed too easy to him after gaining Edith’s trust, and he knew that the property Edith had in her name would one day be his as well. So he had planned to flee the country with Jeremy and return later to claim the insurance and property, but it took longer than he had anticipated due to visa issues.

Once Nick was arrested, Officer Anderson visited the hospital and apologized to Edith for not believing her. 

On the other hand, Jeremy, who was initially hospitalized following the car accident and then held captive in the warehouse for nearly two weeks, was admitted to the hospital for a short time before being discharged and moving in with his grandmother into their home.

Twenty years have passed since that day, and Jeremy is now studying criminal justice at Southern New Hampshire University and is on his way to a career in the legal field.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Sometimes you can sense that your loved ones are in trouble and need help. Edith knew her grandson needed help when she kept dreaming about him.
  • Keep an eye on the people around you. Nick pretended to be friendly and caring on the outside, but he was plotting something sinister on the inside.

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