9-Year-Old Girl Unlocks Her Dad’s Phone with His Face and Saves the Family

Jayline Barbosa Brandao was hailed a hero after she unlocked her dad’s phone with his face to call 911 amidst a terrible incident.

When kids are taught to call 911 in case of emergencies, they become reliable sources when an unfortunate circumstance calls for it.

Luckily, nine-year-old Jayline Barbosa Brandao still had the presence of mind when her parents could barely move during a nearly fatal incident. At the end of the day, she became their hero.

The Brandao family was left without power for three days after the powerful nor’easter raged across their vicinity. Jayline’s mom, Marcelina, revealed that they borrowed a generator set up near the back door of their house for electricity.

After using it for a few minutes, she and her husband unplugged everything and took the machine inside their home for safekeeping. That turned out to be the worst decision they made.

On the evening of October 28, while in bed, Jayline heard her father yelling. “I heard my dad screaming and saw my mom passed out,” the young girl said.

Marcelina, who thought she only had a headache, started to feel numb until losing consciousness. Meanwhile, her husband was also overwhelmed with the carbon monoxide emission in their home.

Another nine-year-old was previously hailed a hero after he saved his relatives from a fire.

Immediately, Jayline grabbed her father’s iPhone to call 911, only to find it locked. Thanks to her quick thinking, Jayline held the device up to her father’s face to unlock the phone with facial ID and call for help.

Jayline then got her seven-year-old sister to run outside the house and call for their neighbors’ help. Luckily, emergency responders came on time to save the parents.

Marcelina woke up in an ambulance and later learned that her daughter had saved their family. “She was so smart,” Marcelina said. “That was very scary. If it wasn’t [for] her to call right away, I don’t know what would have happened.”

According to rescuers, carbon monoxide levels of 1,000 parts per million were detected in the home. Sustained concentrations ranging from 150 to 200 parts per million can be fatal.

Another nine-year-old was previously hailed a hero after he saved his relatives from a fire. When the fire broke out, Tyler Doohan managed to rescue six of his family members.

However, he died while trying to save his disabled uncle from the blaze. His uncle, 57-year-old Steve Smith, and his grandfather, 57-year-old Louis Beach, did not survive as well.

Doohan was undoubtedly a brave child who put the well-being of others before himself. His death saved many others, and he left his family with an admirable legacy.

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